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    Synergy Forge - 200mg Test E - 6.02x - 1205 ng/dl

    Check my profile for some older bloods. My hdl natty (over 2 years ago) was 42. Yes, I am very iron deficient. I have got it tested (not shown here) and my ferritin is in the single digits. This is the result of frequent blood donations to keep my hematocrit under control but is somthing I...
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    Synergy Forge - 200mg Test E - 6.02x - 1205 ng/dl

    Link to Bloodwork Source @Synergy Forge Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 200 Mg Other Compounds in Cycle None Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 0 Mg Weeks Run 10 Draw Time from Last Pin 48 Blood Results Testosterone Reading...
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    Synergy Forge - 5.178x (500 mg = 2589 ng/dL)

    Synergy Forge delivered once again and continues to be my favorite source. I did all my shots daily at the same time, so Testosterone cyp was pinned daily hence the 23 hour draw time. Highly recommended ezetimibe as an ancillary. As you can see in my bloodwork. my LDL on blast is 50, largely due...
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    Boldenone Cypionate or Acetate US domestic stock

    Are the any US domestic labs that stockj boldenone acetate or cypionate? I did not see any in the sources section
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    US Domestic Raws?

    Does anyone know of any sources that supply US domestic raws for homebrewing? I want to avoid international.
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    WG US Pharma PCT and Ancillaries

    I have done 2 orders with WG at this point. If you care about quality more than anything, this should be your go to for Ancilliaries and PCT items. The items are exactly as you would get at the pharmacy. They come in their original branded bottles/packaging, and come with the informational...
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    Express PCT

    Website is super easy to use to place orders. Quick T/A time for US Domestic. High quality pharmacuetical products. Good stealth packing. Probably the cheapest location to purchase pharmaceutical ancilliaries. No order minimum makes it easy to order just a little if required. Will definetly be...
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    [Source]US Pharma PCT/Ancillaries + US Pharma GH(SEROSTIM)

    Second time ordering from WG. Waiting on my second pack, but had a great experience with my first. Ordered aromasin and novla the first time, and products arrived as described. Mine even came with the information pamphlet like you would get at the pharmacy. The 25mg asin tablets are a little...
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    Synergy Forge

    I have ordered twice from Synergy Forge, both times with great results. He is now my favorite source. Extremely fast T/A time, and quick to respond to emails. The first time I ordered from him, the package was mildy damaged by USPS in the shipping process. While this could lead to an issue with...