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    HCG SubQ incident

    Hey guys, I had an unusual incident last night.. while doing my hcg injection with a .5” slim in my usual spot (love handles) I must have hit a blood vessel. I was under the impression aspiration isn’t necessary with subq. I felt the pain was a little more than usual but injected anyway :( after...
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    How long after starting AI to test E2 again?

    Hi everybody, My cruise has been going great. 100mg Test Cyp twice a week 175 IU HCG EOD has my Test from ~300 to 1800 E2 at 65 FSH < 0.7 LH < 0.2 Because of my high E2 + low FSH & LH I want to increase my HCG to 250 IU and have started 3mg Aromasin after test injections How long do I...
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    Hcg + T, high E2

    I’m trying to get my plans together and wanted input on what approach to take if my E2 comes in high. Planning on starting with hcg 250 IU EOD Test c 100mg E3.5D If my E2 comes in high should I lower the hcg down based on how high the E2 is? I know the goal is to avoid an AI so is my only...
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    What hcg do you run?

    Who from? How often? How much (IU)? On cycle or pre pct or what time schedule? My research says "in those who received 250 IU SC every other day along with TRT their intratesticular testosterone levels only dropped 7%. Additionally, in men who received TRT and 500 IU of hCG every other day an...
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    Rate My First Cycle Plan

    Stack Dose Frequency Length (Weeks) Notes Test Cyp 200mg E3.5D 15 Anavar 25mg .5D 8 Last 8 weeks Nolvadex 10mg ED 6-8 Started 3-4 weeks after cycle ends as PCT HCG 500-1000 IU 3x / week 6-4 Weeks before PCT HCG 250-500 IU 3x / week 3-1...
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    Privatelabsmd vs direct to lab

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any difference from using privatemdlabs and having them order one from quest vs doing it yourself? If I do it myself I believe it would be FSA/HSA eligible. Would the results go to my insurance or doctor automatically then or something?