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  1. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    Have you even ordered from us?
  2. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    Sorry for the delay and glad we could get you sorted!
  3. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    Restocked today! I believe your email has been answered!
  4. tejascardinal

    How are sources with websites not caught

    Your ownership of the domain name Your ownership of the hosting contract, or a hosting service with a very strict pro-customer-privacy approach Your payments for both Your access to the hosting service if you can figure how to anonymize all of the following then you shouldn't have any issues.
  5. tejascardinal

    is HGH worth it ?

    Personally I don't see the need to split up anything less than 6IUS. If you ever hit 6, 3 Fasted and 3 Post workout. What is most favorable is what you can do consistently without problem.
  6. tejascardinal

    Low Dose Mast Sides

    Any dose of Masteron gives me this weird side effect of automatically flocking to whores.
  7. tejascardinal

    international shipping to your house

    Go get a PO box away from your stomping grounds. Only send drugs to that PO box. If a seizure occurs, burn the box (never use it again), and hopefully your source will do some sort of reshipment. or buy domestic raws from us. B)
  8. tejascardinal

    How did this board start?

    Back when reddit had all the good subs.
  9. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    I feel awful about this, let's get you some free shit to hopefully make amends? shoot me an email! [email protected]
  10. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    If you have not already emailed me please do so at [email protected] Thanks!
  11. tejascardinal

    is HGH worth it ?

    Personally anything below 3iu seems like a waste to me and is used for replacement standards. I'd say start at 3iu everyday, fasted, and if you feel comfortable after a few weeks you can up 1-2ius. Be sure to check your fasted glucose once or twice a week to see if anything changes.
  12. tejascardinal

    source complaint Tejas Cardinal 12/26/22 1/11/23 resolved see my last post

    Glad we could get you squared away! Apologies again on the mishap!
  13. tejascardinal

    Tren dose that doesnt make you insane

    I honestly believe nobody needs more than 150mg Tren Enanthate or Parabolin per week to see effects. It has quite the level of diminishing returns and just isn't sustainable.
  14. tejascardinal

    thoughts on insulin

    He is right. Opinions are one thing but if you're question your coaches guidance it will only lead to future adherence problems. IT IS important to do your own research but if you don't like the answers he is giving you then it may be time to search for a new coach.
  15. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    This is not what I want and again I apologize for the lack of communication. Hopefully the changes implemented will resolve these issues moving forward.
  16. tejascardinal

    is HGH worth it ?

    Yes. Very worth it.
  17. tejascardinal

    Driving accros the us with gear

    Throw that shit into a discreet black bag, then into a flat rate USPS box, and ship it.
  18. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    We have added a full time support inbox to help better serve our clients! [email protected] This email will be used for all order updates, issues, etc.
  19. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    I received your email and responded requesting more information to locate your order in your system. I don't see any other emails from that email. Did you use another email? What email are you emailing? Everything has been responded to.
  20. tejascardinal

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - |

    You're right. I've been spending the better part of today consulting with my team on ways we can improve to hold ourselves more accountable. I'm going to be setting up an orders email that will be managed by multiple team members who will check the email multiple times a day. This should improve...