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    A very strange injection maybe

    Your a noob and just joined and have no idea what you are talking about im just gonna go ahead and block you probably a more plates more dates fan 14 years old still thinks Arnold was natty
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    Eq and blood donations

    I said peak it’s not bro science at all, the common eq cycle is 20 for eq has its half-life is insanely long, 6 weeks the test just peaked nobody is having hct skyrocket that quick but like I said CHECK BLOOD You could probably get your hct that high if you were taking epo that quick but like I...
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    A very strange injection maybe

    Maybe it was strange tho I was just singing along with a song then some burning then I was like huh strange then when it started getting hot and sweating that’s when things took a turn, the feeling of passing out is what got me because I’ve never really had that once it got pretty bad I began...
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    A very strange injection maybe

    So after the gym I was going to see my gf injected in the usual spot delt aspirated but wasn’t happy so i moved it because I felt a sharp pain aspirated again( I know you don’t have too) and went on my way. About ten minutes maybe 8 I was driving and began feeling a burning in my neck almost...
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    Eq and blood donations

    R eally depends on when you had blood work as your liver recovers very fast. But as I said I did tell him to get blood work so it’s not irresponsible at all lol don’t be dense. Anyway pretty much nobody unless they already have crit issues is gonna rise that fast and the reason I say that is eq...
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    Eq and blood donations

    impossible to guess get blood work theres no way your crit would be that high on week 6 anyway I took 1250 and 750 test and it only cracked the 50s by like week 20
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    Trick to reduce PIP-especially useful with bigger needles

    I find it depends on the batch ive been using the same vendor for a while now and alays got really bad pip like insanely bad 10 ius causes a decent lump recently I ordered a new batch and its been cake I can pin the same muslce in a day or two with little to no lump at all I think they used a...
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    eq was interesting i took a massive amount and it kept my estrogen in check but it didnt tank it after 24 weeks it was not out of range. However I had very different anxiety on that I would always get a sharp pain in the very center of my chest just below my collar bones but it was pretty rare 3...
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    haha damn thats rough man, after itook ssris needing to shit made me hella anxious but after say 4 months its pretty normal again I wonder if my travel to africa had anything to do with my stomach causing problems ( had to go to the hospital after for insane diareah lol) I filled the fucking...
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    anxiety is strange ive been pretty heavily checked for heath issues: ecgs blood and one echo ejection fraction fine maybe borderline rvh but he said it was small andd probably normal as its just an echo(echos are not perfect mris are tho.) Hes just chalking it up to anxiety and ive been getting...
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    Traveling with Gear and Pins

    Ive flown internationally and landed in several countries I took two bottles of test with labels stripped in case one broke. Put in a small walmart insulin case. When running through security it was never checked I always said I had insulin syringes in there. When entering back to canada because...
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    1st cycle

    personally If I was doing my first cycle again id do 250 a week, make sure you can handle needles etc. get you dialed in and if you make mistakes or doctors are being bitches about bloods 9mine will only do it every 6 months) you wont go bananas from panic attacks if your estro gets too high...
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    personally i wouldnt bother I used it for quite a while because its was literally cheaper dirt. 10 bucks a bottle you crash a lot so you have to take a bunch Eventually i gave up on it. to me its useless and just makes you feel shit
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    Has anyone used anti-anxiety on tren cycle?

    plus they seem to make your body rely on them so when its not in your system the anxiety justs gets worse after a while
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    Has anyone used anti-anxiety on tren cycle?

    ecitalopram(lexapro) was the first one he gave me which I took for 8 weeks I panicked every single time I took it 1 hour to half hour after taking it. For the first 3 days Id feel amazing confident like I could fuck the world I was wayyyyyyyyyyyy to up lol but i could fall asleep like a pro lmao...
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    Has anyone used anti-anxiety on tren cycle?

    you could take clonazepam or a benzo but id steer away from an ssri but here is the issue, if you take a benzo for a while when you want to come off it will be murder. Why? Sleep issues how large are these sleep issues? I took them on and off for panic attacks for about 6 months .25 in the day...
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    Thigh injection thoughts

    tiny amounts in the quad are fine like 20iu going 1 or more ml can be a huge problem because walking is a thing
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    tender lump under skin in glute

    i often get those no idea why injection could not be more sterile. they go away after a couple weeks
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    Anavar Night Sweats?

    i had a 10 beat increase in heart rate
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    lets get checked is gone from canada so what now?

    my dingle berry ass nonce of a doctor will only take bloods every six months which makes things IMPOSSIBLE to track or even feel out. This has caused estro problems. Ideas on cycles or providers that will allow me to track or not need to track estrogen? Also dont suggest a new doctor lmao my...