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  1. Nandrolorian

    IFBB Pro Poll

    Well hold on there.. just about anything can be measured. If it's a single change with exact consistency then yeah you could speak to it's efficacy. Of course it's not as simple as a quantitative and qualitative testing of gear but to that end you are trusting a source to send you what's been...
  2. Nandrolorian

    [Source] ~JuiceApeLabs~

    Have you been to the t/a section..?
  3. Nandrolorian

    [Source] ~JuiceApeLabs~

    Alright so when are we thinking the pwo mixes will be ready? End of next week or sooner? Not pushing just curious so I can plan
  4. Nandrolorian

    IFBB Pro Poll

    Love this idea cap, you know me I've got plenty of questions to ask about training and compounds and such. I think this is a great spot for some legitimate information and not bro science lol Thanks for this cap
  5. Nandrolorian

    [Source] ~JuiceApeLabs~

    I'm curious to hear more about this.. (Not to muck up the thread)
  6. Nandrolorian

    [Source] ~JuiceApeLabs~

    That's fire brother thank you 🔥
  7. Nandrolorian

    [Source] ~JuiceApeLabs~

    Phew you didn't have to do anything but list those preworkout mixes. Sold. Make some noise when they are back in stock I have a feeling you're gonna have a lot of people chomping at the bit for them. Just missing the sdrol from the killer mix and I think that's Godzilla piss. Been waiting for...
  8. Nandrolorian


    There was a run of test e raws causing gnarly pip for a while. Use test cyp instead, no reason not to. I wouldn't consider e again until there were no reports of pip like that for a few months
  9. Nandrolorian

    Finding legit products

    OP there is a vetting process to be listed on this board as a source, anyone listed in the sources section will be active and, unforseen shit notwithstanding, good to go. I will say it would be more beneficial to you to ask about compounds specifically rather than ask for an example cycle. You...
  10. Nandrolorian

    [Source] Dragon Ordnance - INT/US PEDs, Raws, & Turkish Pharmacy.

    Give them time, they came through with my slin, it took some time because CNY but it's in my hands that's all that I care about thanks DO
  11. Nandrolorian

    [Source] PHARMAHGH LABS DOMESTIC AAS HGH/ PHARMACEUTICALS New HPLC finished product testing in

    Bro hold the fuck UP! I ordered pharma slin 2/10 and it's on my doorstep 2/15. Thats unreal. You guys are the shit. Finna get joocy. AND not die doing it lol. Ideally.
  12. Nandrolorian

    [Source] PHARMAHGH LABS DOMESTIC AAS HGH/ PHARMACEUTICALS New HPLC finished product testing in

    I'm just excited to get slin moving on this cycle. You guys were able to provide me with the safer option imo and I appreciate that 🤘
  13. Nandrolorian

    General Complaint Dragon Ordnance

    Great to hear!
  14. Nandrolorian

    Is ebacwatersupplier a safe website to buy from?

    Yeah same I got my hospira from there a few days ago and it reconstitutes like a champ. Not cloudy or anything.
  15. Nandrolorian

    I’m convinced I’m allergic to something in ugl gear

    In a perfect world? Nothing. Realistically who knows man. How fast are you injecting, when you say you switched back, did you switch back to trt doses or did you keep it the same as your blast dose? I'm trying to figure out if when you're getting pip you've injected a higher volume or not or if...
  16. Nandrolorian

    [Source] Dragon Ordnance - INT/US PEDs, Raws, & Turkish Pharmacy.

    Got a response from Dragon that he will have his shipper update my tracking from "preparing package". It's nice to hear from him at the very least so I appreciate that. Just give the man time y'all, he will come through, always has.
  17. Nandrolorian

    I mean they ARE one of our sources here..take a look at their thread and I'm sure you'll have a lot of the info you're looking for. Also check bloodwork, ta, anecdotal reviews, all of those subs have info on the sources and people's experiences