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  1. Coinage808


    How bout them deets?
  2. Coinage808


    Ordered Thursday 10/27, package arrived today 10/29. Impressive T/A. Thank you
  3. Coinage808

    Hcg + T, high E2

    My E2 is high, but I feel great. No gyno. No problems. Never taken an AI. I do take DIM every morning. It’s natural and seems to help? A number is one thing, but you should really base “too high” by how your body responds. You may show high numbers but if you don’t have nipple pain or...
  4. Coinage808

    Best Raw Source? Can't seem to find any listed

    Send me a direct message. I’m not going to post a sauce who isn’t listed here out of respect for the member sauces.
  5. Coinage808

    Colonial Labs removed until further notice

    Excellent write up!
  6. Coinage808

    Colonial Labs removed until further notice

    Yes. No issues with other vendors
  7. Coinage808

    That caveman guy who eats raw meat is saucin right?!

    Sadly, I don’t have an Amish community near me. I agree with your thoughts on the clown world bullshit economy, but for those of us that don’t have the ability to source these products as easily as you do- certain supplements fill a void left by over processing of foods and factory farming...
  8. Coinage808

    That caveman guy who eats raw meat is saucin right?!

    His Ancestral Supplements are legit.
  9. Coinage808

    Injectable L-carnatine to Canada?

    Make your own. It’s simple and a lot more cost effective. There’s a good tutorial on YouTube
  10. Coinage808


    First get bloodwork. Full panel. Don’t be cheap. I’d advise you to start @ 500mg / wk of bac H2O IM (25g 1”) until peak saturation at week 5 or 6. Get bloodwork done again. Compare your levels. If you have puffy and or itchy nipples at that point -then take 50mg big league chew EOD until...
  11. Coinage808

    where can i get injectible B-12

    Durvet on Amazon. It’s for cattle, but works perfectly fine for humans. I use it and love it.
  12. Coinage808

    Trusted filtered/sterile MCT oil - ready to dilute

    Just buy 100% organic mct and filter it through sterile .22 filter. That’s what I use and have no issues.
  13. Coinage808

    Generic HGH

    The best for money isn’t on SST. I’ll probably get crucified by certain sauces if I mention their name here.
  14. Coinage808


    Ship time to US in my experience has been around 20 days.
  15. Coinage808


    Nope. I get those from other sources here. I may do a Qsc primo brew soon though.
  16. Coinage808


    I’ve had a good experience with QSC. I’ve used their raws with great results and also am using several of their peptides. No complaints at all.