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  1. J

    Septa Caps

    Anyone know where to buy septa caps for media bottles individually specifically GL45 thread? Only know of the Wheaton septa caps from med and lab but they aren't GL45.
  2. J

    [Source Complaint] Tejas Cardinal 8/30/22

    UPDATE #2: I got my replacement package with the rest of my order finally, thank you TCL. Hoping that everyone else having issues can be me made right Asap.
  3. J

    [Source Complaint] Tejas Cardinal 8/30/22

    UPDATE: Tejas has reached out to me and will be making my order whole, there might've been some kind of email mix-up on his end. Will update again once pack has been received but for now the issue is being resolved.
  4. J

    [Source Complaint] Tejas Cardinal 8/30/22

    Resent you a new email.
  5. J

    [Source Complaint] Tejas Cardinal 8/30/22

    Placed an order for 3 packs of anavar from Tejas Cardinal as many others on his thread I received no confirmation email or tracking which is fine. Packaged showed up September 6th, missing 2/3 of the ordered anavar. I reached out immediately about the situation and finally got a response on...
  6. J

    oral homebrew

    Someone needs ai? Imagine not being able to do basic math, which I couldve easily made fun of but chose not to. Look at the cialis solution homebrew thread if you want to see that 3rd grade math applied, there are countless other threads if you used the useless brain your parents gave you. I...
  7. J

    oral homebrew

    1000/60=16.6 MG per ml. Just divide. Scroll through homebrewing more and there is more info about oral. As per the other questions you should have that studied up before even thinking about taking orals. My suggestion is reddit and previous threads here.
  8. J

    [Source] Tejas Cardinal Labs - | Memorial Day Sale! 20% off Code: fallen20

    I ordered about two weeks ago through the site and got no email confirmation but did land on a confirmation page as proof. Got the pack within a week and only received one product out of the three I ordered and for some reason a fun dip which makes me question if my orals are real or just fun...
  9. J

    Viper flex

    Placed an order with Viper during his bogo and due to to him being overwhelmed and other factors t/a wasn't perfect but still acceptable.However. comms were exceptional. I was compensated for my wait time in a big way. All contents of the pack were extremely professionally sealed and labeled...
  10. J

    Valiant Labs

    Placed an order through his site and due to a little mix up received the package about 9 days after, during this time I was in contact with valiant and I must say his response time must be the fastest I’ve ever seen, not sure he sleeps. I received my package and it was missing a vial and of...
  11. J

    Gear storage question

    I’ve been storing vials in the hard drive cages of my computer, I know an extreme hiding spot but it is warranted in my situation. I have two front fans blasting on the vials but of course towards the mid end gets hot. I run my computer for 5-6 hours a day while my room is usually at around 65...
  12. J

    Bulkking-Labs Prime T/A

    First time Ordering from @BulKKing-Labs and I must say I am beyond impressed. Ordered at night on 10/29, the pack was sent out promptly the next day and delivered on 11/3, that’s on par with Amazon Prime. Pack was THOROUGHLY sealed, If anyone even touched the package funny yet alone attempted to...