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    THC and AAS use

    Before hoping on AAS again I’d sparingly take a THC gummy before bed to help wind down and get a deeper sleep. Does anyone here take a gummy or smoke while on cycle and/or cruising? I’m currently on HGH and blasting and wouldn’t mind taking a gummy before bed but don’t know if there are any...
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    Now accepting free stuff for memorial day

    You’ll get nothing and like it
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    Is yellow primo normal

    maybe it’s gso? There was a new supplier of primo raws recently but idk if that’s the likelihood of it being the reason
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    Is yellow primo normal

    I agree that it seems the label is creating a reflection
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    What email are you guys using?
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    Former source on here. Went to prison. AMA

    Can you go into detail on the day to day experience at the fed prison. What’s the difference between a prison and prison camp, if there is one?
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    Traveling with HGH via plane

    Carry on seems more susceptible to being searched. Any reason you do that over checked bag? Do you have a script?
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    Has anyone used the HGH and experience?
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    Traveling with HGH via plane

    How do you pack AAS when traveling? Do you bring needles too?
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    Upper chest

    You’re not wrong. 99% of incline benches are also too high up putting the same amount of unnecessary stress on the joint and focusing more on the shoulders. Whether at an incline or decline position, it only needs to be a slight one to target the desired area of the pec.
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    Nice to see the tested results. As someone who’s used his anavar at 20mg/day, it definitely felt every bit of how anavar is supposed to and at that low of a dose too
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    could be wrong but the flakes may be filler. Open the caps up and dissolve what’s inside in vodka, not the whole capsule.
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    :( I was hoping to see some testing on this new round of raws. In your opinion, do you think there should be any discrepancy between the current supplier of the raws and the one that got busted that created the shortage?
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    HGH injection timing

    Let’s say 2-4iu, all dosed at one time
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    HGH injection timing

    What about the timing to minimize insulin resistance? I’ve seen where it’s best to take it no sooner than 90min after your last meal before bed to prevent that
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    Been using his DHB. Very smooth and works. I do heat mine up before injecting along with his Primo
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    Going on a trip

    Did you have needles too?
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    Similar side effects as the E and Ace version?