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    BTC Workshop - The New Age for the Old Age

    What’s going on everybody? It’s come that time that we need to start moving towards the future and be progressive in our thinking and streamlining the process of buying AAS and GH. I’d like to hold a workshop on here and answer any and all questions regarding BTC. Before we get to the...
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    Sparta's PSA for ordering from any source

    Hey guys, just want to lay some knowledge bombs on y’alls beautiful asses here. Some of you are real… how should I put this nicely… Real dicks in email. You know I’m a people too. You’re not going to hurt my feelings with being a douche, but you’re only hurting yourselves. When I was in high...
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    SpartaPharma Bloods HGH

    Hey guys! I hope you’re having a good weekend! We have had people email us bloodwork and tell us their results on our GH, but never posted it. If anyone has any bloodwork on our GH that you haven’t posted, I’m offering 2 free kits for you to post it and alert us by email. Normally, we will only...
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    Discontinuing Protonmail

    Hey everyone. I just want to say Protonmail is virtually unusable after their last update. It has been dropping, not moving and deleting emails like crazy lately. It is highly unstable and I refuse to always have my hair on fire because it is causing me to miss orders. So from this point...
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    Proton mail quirk

    Everyone who uses Protonmail to message any sources need to know how it organizes emails. We check emails from oldest to newest. Working the way up the line until they are all done. When you email you’re on the top as the newest email. New emails go on top, and so forth. Now you’re working...
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    SpartaPharmaUSA PSA about Jeckyl and Hyde

    Hey everyone, As you all know, I’m a really nice guy and super laid back. There are a few things that I will get upset about, and messing with the good name of my business behind my back is one of them. This has happened, and I am NOT okay with this. @jeckylandhydelabs You emailed me on...
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    Need Graphics Designer

    Hi all! We are needing a GFX designer to modify some of our labels for us that has previous experience other than watching a YouTube video once or twice. We are prepared to offer a substantial amount in gear and this would be an on going relationship for when we want to bring on new items...
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    Mauve Top Awareness

    We are getting reports that some codes are working and some are not. This is an error with the manufacturer and once we get an answer we will post what we hear. This will affect anyone currently sourcing Meditrope Mauves. Considering all verification is on one Meditrope site, I imagine this May...
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    Informed Delivery

    Hey guys, it’s Achilles. I was talking with Leo earlier about the amount of requests we get asking for tracking after 1 day of placing an order. I’m sure all sources agree when I say this. Please quit asking for tracking the day after you order. We as sources need to dedicate time to real...
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    Tutanota not sending emails

    Since the last update this morning, Tutanota is having issues with sending emails. The issue is widespread, and the devs are aware of it. There are many unanswered emails in my tutanota that I can see but not respond to. I’m sure I’m not the only source who is having this issue. We are not...
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    SST Resources Guide

    What up my guys! I get a ton of emails about where to get various things, and I figured it would behoove everyone to make a kind of resource bible that we can update with new info. I’ll start with a few, and I’ll add in more from your guy’s comments: US Version: Syringes - GPZservices, ADW...
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    Cascade's T/A is clean as my dishes

    When we were OOS on ace for a week, my boy Cascade was all over that shit! 3 day T/A without fail. He’s kinda homely, but with the lights out, it’s all the same 😛 -Leo
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    IGF - Which do you want

    Leo and I are discussing bringing on IGF and we want to know what the people think!! So should we bring on DES or LR3? This will be a trial run to see if this is something we will carry long term. Other avenues will be explored in the future as well. -Achilles
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    Just a PSA in general

    Look, sources on here are people too. We sleep, have wives, jobs pets and mortgages just like you guys do. There’s going to be a 10 hour window of no emails every day. You know what that is? SLEEP. There’s also differences in time zones. like 3 hours worth. So if it’s 8 AM on the East Coast...
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    It’s here again guys! My favorite day of the year. I hold this very near and dear to my hear, and I think this is something that you may want to engage in as well… It’s today guys! Look we spend all the $ and time on the ladies for Valentines day. We...
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    What can we do for you?!

    Hey guys, It’s Achilles! I wanted to reach out to see what do you guys want to see from SP? Monthly discounts? Any specific new items? A website? Possibly labels? We want to bring the people what they want so that we can go to sleep at night with a smile on our face knowing you have our oils...
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    BTC buying guide by Sparta

    Sorry for a second post in as many days, but I made up a BTC guide for our purposes, and thought I’d share with you guys. SpartaPharmaUSA’S BTC PURCHASING GUIDE: Step #1) Choose a Bitcoin purchasing app. Here are a few of the more popular ones right now: - This has...
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    Just wanted to come and say Merry Xmas to all my juiced up homies! I hope everyone is eating all the everything and gaining all the weight over the last few days. I know for a damn fact I am haha Fudge, cookies, turkey, steaks, fucking fruit cake idgaf. If I don’t gain my 7-10lbs over this...
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    Having to take a short hiatus

    Hey everyone, Earlier today our shipper was on the way home from the gym, and got hit by a drunk driver. We’re still waiting to hear, but hes alive and in the hospital. We are in the process of issuing refunds(almost done via email already), and obviously cannot ship until he’s out and can...
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    Post wasn't delivering wednesday 12.5 in rememberance of the passing of George Bush

    Just wanted to remind all members and sources that the post wasn’t running yesterday on 12.5 in memorial of G.B passing. So everything is running behind a day.