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  1. Gettingolder

    Comebacks for meatheads and morons at the gym

    Estro is fine( regular bloodwork) I see you like to use snowflake on the regular which is funny. I have no issues with anyone at my gym and that means everyone people ask if I am done with equip or a bench ect never an issue and I don't disrespect them or answer to them rudely I ask others the...
  2. Gettingolder

    Comebacks for meatheads and morons at the gym

  3. Gettingolder

    Comebacks for meatheads and morons at the gym

    This should make for a funny thread What do you guys say to meatheads and morons at your gym when shit needs to be said? Me I have had this dude giving me shit looks for a while at my gym no clue why, I train solo don't talk to anyone I don't tie up more than one piece of equip at a time I...
  4. Gettingolder

    Jordan Peters website

    No he is talking about Jordan Peters from England a pretty serious BB like 5'6" and around 300 pounds off season who moves Ronnie Coleman poundage's for reps. A knowledgeable and well respected coach in the industry.
  5. Gettingolder

    female prep coaches

    I know a prep coach that has a few IFBB pro women but its a guy, excellent coach but if your wife is stuck on the coach being female unfortunately can not help you.
  6. Gettingolder

    im back, 4 orals at once, low dose, insane pyramid cycle, please comment or ur gay

    Vet inject winny is not micronized like previous HG grade winnys were so the crystals are huge diluting is only adding water to water and does nothing to shrink the hormone crystals. If you want to inject vet winny you need 20 gauge pins and even then you can get some clogs when the crystals...
  7. Gettingolder

    A Review of Deus Pharmaceuticals

    You do understand how most of the BB and gear forums work eh?
  8. Gettingolder

    gym playlist

    Barbie Girl by Aqua on repeat on fuckin 11
  9. Gettingolder

    [Source] Syn Pharmaceuticals - Canada Domestic

    So if your on legit scripted pharma Aromasin why do you need a nest egg? I never have any issue with shortage of scripted AI when I go to pick up my test script that was Adex and now Aromasin. There was a shortage about 1-1.5 years ago of Delatestryl witch is now over but Testosterone depot...
  10. Gettingolder

    Summer cutting blast- advice/thoughts welcomed

    This looks pretty good I have done similar in the past but 2 times per day pins 12 hours apart just splitting the dose in half which for me totally eliminated tren sides for me I was also more even tempered and not as hangry as I had been in the past. Depending on what your into and how you...
  11. Gettingolder

    Mast VS primo???

    Most guys don't use enough mast let alone enough primo to have these compounds shining the light in the dark.
  12. Gettingolder

    TRT Clinic Questions

    U UGL does not help with dudes ability to travel with a legit script. But he could also take vacations in some pretty great places where he can buy legit pharma products over the counter and no I am not talking about Mexico and all the fake ass shit being sold to gringos there lol.
  13. Gettingolder

    [Source] Deus Pharmaceuticals - Premium Lab-Tested Canadian Anabolics

    Here is a review of Deus in the review section if anyone is interested in my experience with this lab
  14. Gettingolder

    [Source] Deus Pharmaceuticals - Premium Lab-Tested Canadian Anabolics

    🤣 And you have a grand total of 8 not exactly a long in the tooth vet of the forum..... Do you have a review of Deus products to add here to the betterment of the membership?
  15. Gettingolder

    Syn Pharma Canada - Oxandrolone, Clenbuterol, Accutane tests [Janoshik]

    I can not see in the reps response that you quoted where he asked the customer who he was or to identify himself an any manner. The rep also mentioned that they had already inquired with Jano for more info on the tabs tested. Can't really see where the rep starts making excuses he did explain...
  16. Gettingolder

    Sudden high triglyceride levels

    This might be an anomaly you should get retested and test your blood sugar on the regular you might have some insulin resistance going on that your not aware of and that can and will raise triglycerides. A glucose monitor and the strips are pretty cheap and necessary in this game when your...
  17. Gettingolder

    [Source] Syn Pharmaceuticals - Canada Domestic

    Just wondering why after being exposed you ran away from the shitstorm you created? You sure sound like your not in the correct maturity situation to be using exogenous hormones. So were you expecting to get a bunch of free stuff or something for screaming loudest and hoping to get a brigade...
  18. Gettingolder

    Anyone else love lifting but can't stand 'Gym people'?

    My gym has just had a bit of an influx of what I call "Cross Fag" which is a bunch of teeners and 20 somethings jumping and bouncing around like a herd of kangaroos on fucking acid. Now there are 3 legit cross fit gyms here one is run of the mill and the other two are top shelf but you got to...
  19. Gettingolder

    NPP/TEST with EQ or Mast?

    I would typically recommend just test for the first few cycles starting at 250-300 for the first one and them going up a bit each time from there before adding secondary compounds. Where do you go if you start off with high doses of gear?.... ever higher doses of gear (a lot of guys want to...