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    What apps for bitcoin

    Cashapp has some glitches. I switched to PayPal.
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    Air travel with gear and stuff

    I don't travel overseas with gear but always carry on supplements galore and have never been questioned. I'm sure I could add oral gear to my pill box along with my melatonin, vitamins, etc as long as it wasn't a huge quantity. As for injectables, I'd be more concerned. If you're traveling with...
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    Skin care

    I'm a female so I'm all about skin care. Wash with Cetaphil and moisturize with jojoba oil. Scrub once a week with brown sugar and jojoba oil mixed to a paste. When my kids get acne, they treat it with teatree oil.
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    Meal prep

    My husband is allergic to freaking everything so I prep everything portioned but separate and bland. That way, we can add our own sauces and seasonings and my diet is not limited to his.
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    Anyone not use social?

    Be like me! Social free! I prefer the real world. Social media is a cartoon.
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    BP meds not working

    135-140 systolic is not very of the normal range. 155 can be concerning, especially if youre relatively young. Cardio lowers BP, so are you doing much of that? Also, BP fluxates throughout the day. Lowest first thing in the morning and highest, of course, when most stressed. So take...
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    'first' cycle

    Are you comfortable enough with your Dr to confess?
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    Is 25 too young to run first cycle?

    Hello. Is 25 too young? Generally, the later, the better. You seem level headed about it. Keep researching. How's your diet? Ideal to have everything dialed in and habitual for at least a few years before starting gear. Will you get busted? Highly unlikely but not impossible. Stick around and...
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    First Cycle

    On another thread, the op confesses that training has been " substandard" and diet has been "shit" up until just 4 months ago. We've tried to reason with him here, but he seems determined. Some ppl just need to learn the hard way and do themselves perminate harm in the process. Someday, when his...
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    Wait...your diet and training have only been good for 4 months? I responded to your intro post with gentle encouragement to wait on the gear, but now I'm wondering if your mom dropped you on your head. 4 months??? Really???
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    First Cycle

    I totally understand the temptation and curiosity. I was once 22 and now my youngest kid is. Im also an advocate of ppl's freedom to do what they want with their own body. But wanted to advocate for the devil a bit and encourage you to approach with caution. Keep educating yourself. Good luck.
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    Conflicted about what I should run for my cut. Need some opinions.

    You have hashimotos, tren gives you behavioral issues, anavar wrecks your lipids, cardarine gives you goiters...sounds like you're not in outstanding health for a 33 yo. And you want to run 8 compounds at once? Even though you're already only 16% bf? I fully empathise with wanting to look your...
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    Whats cooking?

    Homemade sausage: 1 lb leanest ground turkey 1 tsp powdered Sage 1 tsp powdered mustard 1/2 tsp powdered garlic Salt and pepper Moosh the spices into meat. Fry up or BBQ as patties.
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    First Cycle

    22 is young. If you're naturally low T, even a little shut down could be bad. Also, 500 is high for a first cycle. Do you think there is a possibility that you could experience more natty progress with diet and continued training or are you pretty sure you have hit a plateau and any increased...
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    HGH injection before bed, waste of time?

    I want to inject while fasted but i dont fast. So...I load the syringe before bed, set it on an ice pack on the bathroom sink and pin when I wake up to pee which is around 3 am.
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    If youre too lazy to figure out bc, maybe youre too lazy to eat right and exercise. This is the UG...not dollar tree.
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    Current routine

    I've experimented with many routines over the decades. Currently: high volume isolation upper, heavy compound lower, rest. Heavy compound upper, high volume isolation lower, rest. Repeat. Core on upper days. I'm trying to focus more on lower body right now and upper/ lower splits give me 3 days...
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    First time trying hgh for a chronic injury.

    Congrats! Glad this seems to be working for you