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    Alcohol or steroids? Which is worse?

    It's an interesting topic. My parents have been alcoholics for geez almost 40 years now. This is daily drinking and getting drunk on days they don't work for reference. Could I, or anyone, abuse anabolic steroids for 40+ years? What would my health be vs my parents health? I don't know, but my...
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    EQ and estrogen experiences

    Boldenone converts to estrogen at roughly 50% the rate of testosterone. It also converts to E1 ( estrone). There may be a downstream metabolite that can act as an AI in some people. Anecdotally, this was quite rare back in the day. But with the popularity of forums and a much larger user base we...
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    Mast VS primo???

    Anabolic ratios are made up nonsense. Injectable anabolics grow muscle tissue at or very close to the same rate across the board. Not to confuse that with weight gain. It's total milligrams that makes the difference. That and the other attributes of the drugs if they provide something you need...
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    Bloodwork in Canada?
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    Vigorous Steve wrote an ebook on insulin use for bodybuilding. I'm the guy who reviewed all of his ebooks before going on sale. If you're interested about insulin use I'd highly recommend it. We go into a whole lot of detail as well as different protocols for muscle growth as well as fat loss...
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    Steroid Cycle Safety

    Blood pressure is reactive. Check it in the morning over a period of 7 days and take the average. Continue to monitor that number throughout the year. Numbers in the afternoon are mostly useless because Blood pressure is reactive ( slowly rises throughout the day and then begins to lower...
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    L-Glutathione source ? Is where I get mine from. I mix it with the Sensu product. Unpleasant injection, but certainly does the job. I do find it can make people tired if you plan on taking it in the morning and are unfamiliar with the product.
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    thoughts on insulin

    "We need to stop looking at insulin as a means to shuttle nutrients and more of a means to manage blood sugar" - Very well said. Insulin will kill you and Masteron doesn't build muscle. Probably the two most ridiculous things that have and for some reason are still being spread online. For the...
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    blood work in Canada

    Not sure where you live, but I use these guys
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    Legs wont grow

    A bodybuilders primary goal isn't to lift weights, your primary concern is to contract your muscles. You contract your muscles against greater and greater resistance causing hypertrophy. Where a weight lifters goal is to see how much weight they can lift. Get better at contracting your muscles...
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    General PSA: Package thief months + Crashed gear months

    Here in Canada when we steal people's mail we leave a card with our name and phone number and a message that reads "sorry".
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    Any Canadian sources planning to carry semaglutide in the future?

    Good luck with it. I'm Canadian as well so it'll be nice to have a local contact for it. Let me know how it goes if you can.
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    Any Canadian sources planning to carry semaglutide in the future?

    Ya I started her on .25mg, there wasn't any side effects but it wasn't working all that well. At .6mg appetite was reduced quite a lot but the side effects also started. We ended up pushing all the way to 1.2mg, at that dose she consumed a coffee and that was literally it for a few days. She...
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    Any Canadian sources planning to carry semaglutide in the future?

    My wife tried some months ago. Horrible acid reflex and nausea. It's quite the interesting drug, you don't want anything to do with food. Which I'm struggling to find a practical application for bodybuilding purposes. We were trying to lower hunger cravings on a cut, not starve. Also, the more...
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    Best place for syringes ?

    Here in Canada I just bring my used ones to a needle exchange and they give me pretty much what ever I want back if they have it. Free as well.
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    Experiences with accutane

    As the other poster said, I would try some other things first. Nizoral shampoo applied over the body and let sit for a few mins before washing off. Takes awhile to start working, maybe a month or two, but you should see some noticeable improvements.
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    Test C

    Google half life of Test E. You should get multiple medical articles stating anything from 4 days to 7 days and so on. Individual response, carrier oil, amount of solvents, location of injection all play a factor according to Dr. Scott Stevenson. He also stated something about those original...
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    Injectable L-carnatine to Canada?

    I order my product from the USA, no issue getting it through. It's a mixture of L-carnitine and Choline.
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    Newbie: First Cycle Clen/Var

    For the clen - you can work your way up to 50% of your bodyweight, run it until you get your desired results assuming you're not having any negative side effects. Anavar - 25mg-40mg for 8 weeks is just fine You may want to consider starting off with the clenbuterol first, working your way up...