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    Where to get bloodwork

    Privatemdlabs - coupon codes can be found online. Go with the Hormone Panel with E2 Ultrasensitive & F&T Testosterone LC/MS
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    Proviron Oral

    I have had great experiences running proviron. Only downside is the price, not cheap to run 50mg daily. Mental clarity, less anxiety, and body felt better
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    Favorite source for Tren?

    If anyone remembers BD (British dispensary) or Europharm back in the day, that was some expensive but good quality liquid gold. The tren cough always hit and I’ve always used it as an indicator of good tren, sticking with broscience on this
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    Rules for posting Bloodwork

    Should have included a link to make it easier. See below. Thread 'Template for posting [Bloodwork]'
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    Rules for posting Bloodwork

    @CaptainAmerica , could you update the wiki link in the first post? The link points to an older domain (.me)
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    Libido help..

    I haven’t had good experiences w hcg. Usually test tren proviron does it for me
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    Bulking NOT WORKING

    at that height, I would recommend lowering your fat and carb intake. cyclic keto worked best for me. also, my favorite cut stack is tren and test. nothing else really needed
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    PreCycle - Fusion Labs - TestE/TrenE Cycle

    Blood Work Review Link to blood work : Source : @FusionLabs Running testosterone : Yes Ester : Enanthate Weekly dosage : 500mg/wk Product(s) run other than test : None. Will switch to 400mgTestE/500mgTrenE in 2weeks Weekly dosage(s) : 500mg Number of weeks run ...