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    Anadrol Before Bed?

    There's a video with Boston and Leo where Boston said that he knew a coach who would have his clients take anadrol before bed so it wouldn't impact their appetite during the day.
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    I get mine from Amino Asylum. The dosing ranges from 12.5mg - 25mg once a day.
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    im back, 4 orals at once, low dose, insane pyramid cycle, please comment or ur gay

    @DHT Just fucking do it. Sometimes it can be fun/interesting to experiment and go against the grain. Take progress pics and get lab work periodically so we can see what happened on the inside and the outside. You can get oral primo from SynergyForge if you want to add an extra oral. Good luck...
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    Combining Orals

    @Test4life Because apparently you can get away with using less as the drugs will be absorbed directly into the blood stream through the mucosal membrane under the tongue bypassing first pass metabolism, and the drugs will be in and out your system faster. I'm not saying nothing will happen...
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    Combining Orals

    I know everyone says not to do it and it will be detrimental to my health and it could be pointless but I'm curious. Does anyone have experience running two or more orals at the same time during a cycle? I was looking into sublingual administration and was thinking how interesting it would be to...
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    how to get cheap blood work?

    Marek health
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    Hair Loss Only When Coming Off

    When coming off a cycle with short/no esters is the only time I actually lose hair. Does this happen to anyone else, and is the cause for this known? It's not like I can grab handfuls of hair but it's more like for the month following the end of a cycle the hair caught in my comb is VERY...
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    Hey Lucas are you 18 or 19? Anyways how good do you look in a wig with a little bit of makeup, and how tall are you?
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    Looking for a one stop shop for the lady

    Fuck me how retarded are you?
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    Tren Suspension

    Tren suspension can be water based right?
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    Looking for a one stop shop for the lady

    Fuck me how stupid are you?
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    Help! Feeling Off!

    @Luxferro How fat are you and how much phytoestrogens are you consuming? You may want to play around with a different and/or shorter ester as well as breaking up your weekly dosage into EOD/ED injections. As far as supplements go I've never personally used this however I've hear DIM...
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    Looking for a one stop shop for the lady

    Fuck me how lazy are you?
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    Enclomefiene source.

    Amino Asylum
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    Libido help..

    I get it from Amino Asylum. Yeah yeah I know people don't like AA however I've always had good experiences with their products.
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    Does sex hormone bind gob go down when on cycle?

    I don't know and I'd imagine it's highly personal.
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    Libido help..

    What works for me is: HCG - 1500 iu regular doses (every 2-3 days) Enclomefiene - 25mg a day (HMG would probably work too however you don't get the neuro steroid production in the brain) Cialis - 20mg a day Test prop - 300mg a week I've literally never felt my dick and balls feel and be so...
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    Does sex hormone bind gob go down when on cycle?

    From my understanding the short answer is yes and long answer is that large doses per injection drive SHBG down (IIRC short esters do it harder than longer esters but at this point it's probably splitting hairs). If you want to lessen the impact on your SHBG take your weekly dose and break it up...
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    Fentanyl concern?

    I put fentanyl in my pee pee. Will I bee ok?