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    Axle Labs banned, should i toss my gear ?

    I took 2cc of his tne recently and i didn't die or grow a vagina so likely you are good.
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    Anadrol or halo for powerlifting?

    I hate halo and love Anadrol. Get nothing out of halo personally, anadrol is my favorite drug. It's worthwhile trying both to see what works for you before meet day
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    [Source] Opti - Somatropin

    Correct me if i am wrong but wasn't Liska affiliated with this source? If that's the case should probably get this thread locked
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    [SOURCE]-Superior HRT- ✅️Janoshik Reports Posted✅️

    He appears to be one of the few who hasn't started scamming on Bostin's forum since he passed. That forum is a shit hole now so expectations are
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    I’ve been banned for exposing the truth

    Who sold him meth? Or maybe he overdosed on the arimastane from walmart
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    What made you source here as opposed to Meso.

    Rido did in fact run a tight ship, tested everything. It is really no different than any other source on here who is likely getting their raws from QSC as well. Cat Cafe is solid, @Liska is very smart and their domestic min is $350 not $500, so you only have to stuff the piggy bank for 3.5 years...
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    Found my prohormone stack from 2014. CMA, Trendione, Epistane, DMZ

    Yea I've tried Arimastane they sell it at Walmart. Not the others though. Did you like them?
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    Has anyone used the prohormone arimistane for an Ai

    Th That was me they sell arimastane just not pro hormones.
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    Has anyone used the prohormone arimistane for an Ai

    No they don't sell pro hormones. They won't have it
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    Has anyone used the prohormone arimistane for an Ai

    Walmart is having a black friday sale you should check to see if u can get some broo
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    Been sourcing for years, this happens like once a year at least and he has always delivered
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    Do not microwave metal and rubber, candle warmer or have patience running it under hot water. 3.5 weeks of cyp means the drug was barely at full saturation in your friend's body, even lessening the negative chance it was from the gear.
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm -

    That is crashed, pretty common with test cyp. Warm it up under warm water and shake it. No, it didn't give your friend a heart attack, it was likely the cocaine that is ya know known for causing heart attacks and severe heart problems.
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    [Source] MuscleCandy —

    Sounds like a cover up for it making you gay...
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    Has anyone used the prohormone arimistane for an Ai

    They do sell it at Walmart, try searching for it on their website- it will pop up! I changed my mind, you should definitely use it instead of an AI and multiply your test dose 2x before taking it too. That being said I think any responses to your posts would help add to your understanding of...
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    Has anyone used the prohormone arimistane for an Ai

    Why not just use a real Ai and not something you can buy at Walmart?
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    L-Carnitine Injections

    Amino asylum, better through biology which they have it labeled as Nectar, or derel strength. That being said it is a very useful tool in the arsenal, allows you to get less out of more when it comes to gear, upregulates androgen receptors as many have listed. I don't see a reason not to aside...
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    I have been a member of this forum for years and see many come and "go", that is in quotations because the majority of the people on here are the same source, using the same shippers, and rebranding consistently. While this is expected in a market of selling drugs, I do not see how more people...