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    Liberty Labs EU domestic

    Checking for a friend moving to Italy. This source is still good to go and open for business??
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    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    Another successful order with Viper. Been my go to since that other place here went down a while back and they made it right. Standup good dudes. Great service. Hands down best I’ve dealt with over the last decade.
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    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    Got my order today, part of it. FAST! Sent an email asking about the other. Assuming since it was a large order maybe sent in two different packages? Although I only got one tracking number which was the one that arrived. Email sent on the other part of the order missing.
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    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    Currently waiting on order but VF got back to me quick and handled a situation. Good communication. Awesome source to this point!
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    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    Sent an email on the 9th for an order and still haven’t heard back yet. Tried to send a DM about it but not finding the option. Always a great source btw. Just usually get a response quicker. Hope all is well.
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    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    Great service and TA Everytime I’ve used. Sent an email yesterday I’m waiting on a reply on and looking forward to even more! One of the best sources I’ve used in a long time.
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    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    Wanted to say I’ve ordered a few times over the last year and some change with Viper. Always comes through. Placed another today to get in on the BOGO deals at the last minute. Looking forward to it all! Always a good process with them.
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    Outstanding T/A and packaging. Fulfilled part of the loss from Colonial. Great customer service and had when was discussed in under a week. Class act!
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    Colonial Labs removed until further notice

    Placed an order on the 25th of August and he confirmed and sent payment info…. Said would ship on the 29th… Nothing. Out a LOT of money if this is the case. Dammit.
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    Neck Surgery

    Hello all! Looking for some opinions…. I came off and finishing up PCT after a long blast/cruise. This is just due to surgery and really wanted to completely come off for some medical checks I have coming up that are work related. However, back to the surgery and my plan. I start taking HGH as a...
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    Does your partner/immediate family know about your gear usage?

    Wife knows and a few close friends. That’s it. No one else needs to know.
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    Just started HGH and I’m doing 2IU in the morning and 2IU in the afternoon after my workout. Just read stuff and seems that’s not a bad idea. I usually eat within 20’min of the first shot. Afternoon one is taken and I’m having a protein shake at around the same time.