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    Anyone tried any of the pills to delay cumming? I typically last a little over an hour in bed on a one night stand or a casual hook up but I’ve met someone that has completely fucked me up and sometimes she’s got me on the edge 5 minutes into it. Looking for some anecdotal reviews on things...
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    Cocaine Piss test

    Not steroid related I haven’t done coke in 5 months, I’m 6’3” 200lbs lean and I go to the gym 5 times a week doing cardio each time as well as weight training. Saturday night I did 1 fingernail bump of coke at 11pm ish. I completely for got that I did that, I got a job offer and had to take a...
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    Calling all TRT users!

    Every time I do research on “AI on TRT” I find some forums that say that docs will prescribe 0.1 Adex but that’s nothing compared to the amount of docs on YouTube that say done touch the shit cause it’ll fuck you up blah blah blah, I get that the least amount of chemicals is the better option...
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    Higher test levels on HCG

    I’ve been on self diagnosed TRT for 2 years almost and I just recently added HCG to replenish testicular size and function. I did my research before hand and found that HCG not only replenishes testicular size and fertility function but also raises test levels, thus obviously raising E2, so my...
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    HGH while cutting

    Anyone think it’s worth it to run 2-3 IU of HGH while cutting and on trt for added benefits and faster fat loss?
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    Super strong erections

    Anyone on a healthy dose of supplements that help with maintaining that 100% rock hard feeling? Don’t get me wrong I’ll typically stay beetween 80-90% hard with no issue or supplements but we all know that 100% feeling and I’m tryin to have that the whole time. I have cialis but I’m not sure...
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    When do you stop bulking?

    Hey guys, when do you typically stop bulking and when you do, do you come off cycle or just go to TRT? I’ve cut on cycle and I don’t like it, it feels like a waste of gear compared to bulking on cycle and actually building a ton of muscle. My plan is to come off cycle and go down to TRT in...
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    Colonial labs 500mg Test E/week, 2564ng/dl, 5.128x

    | Link to Bloodwork | Source Test Ester Running Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) Other Compounds in Cycle Weekly Dose Other Compounds (mg) Weeks Run Draw Time from Last Pin Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl Testosterone Multiplier Test Capped at 1500? Estrogen...
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    Antibiotics source

    Looking for an antibiotic source that can ship and deliver within a month. Doesn’t have to be from this site.
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    Dropping deca

    Hey guys, I’m an intermediate user, about 4 cycles deep. I’ve ran NPP and tren before both 19 Nors with test and orals with no issues. I’m 10 weeks into this test 500 deca 450 cycle and I can’t deal with the mental sides from deca anymore, I’ve lost all motivation for the gym and I’m paranoid as...
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    Nolva and bloodwork

    For the guys who run 10-20mg Nolva on cycle to prevent gyno, have you ever noticed it throwing off your E2 readings on blood work? I always get bloods to make sure I’m good throughout my cycle but this is my first cycle running Nolva, a couple of dudes on another forum said that them taking...
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    Colonial labs test E 100mg/wk (732ng/dL x7.3)

    Blood Work Review Link to bloodwork : // // Source : // @coloniallabs // Running testosterone : // yes // Ester : // Enanthate // Weekly dosage : // 100 // Product(s) run other than test : // none // Weekly dosage(s) : // NA // Number of weeks run : // 4 // Draw time...
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    TRT dose

    Just got bloods back after 4 weeks on colonial labs test E at 50mg every 3.5 days so 100mg weekly for my trt. I’ll post bloods but I’m curious about this. My test is at 732 and estradiol is at 45pg/ml and says it’s high. I don’t feel like I have high E2 sides. Is this high enough to drop my...
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    Nolva on cycle

    What up guys, you may have seen in my previous post that I’ve just recently gotten my puberty gyno removed. That being said I wanted to know if any one runs Nolva throughout there entire cycle specifically to prevent gyno. My biggest fear is having this shit come back. Yes I’m already tracking...
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    Gyno surgery

    Anyone here had it and continued to use AAS? I have gyno from using pro hormones in late HS. Even through my 1st second and third cycles my AI/aas timing and blood/hormone levels have been very controlled and on point and has never made my gyno fluctuate. I’m getting the surgery in about a...
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    Colonial labs

    I don’t know who tf @“Colonial Labs” is paying off at USPS but the shipping is unreal, honestly 2 day shipping crazy especially during this time of COVID19. Also I’d like to point out that their package in size is great, fits in my apartment size mailbox and saves me from the haste of having to...
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    Colonial labs 200mg Test Cyp /wk 924ng/dl 4.62x

    Blood Work Review Link to blood work : // // Source : // @"Colonial Labs" // Running testosterone : // yes // Ester : // Cypionate // Weekly dosage : // 200mg // Product(s) run other than test : // none // Weekly dosage(s) : // text // Number of weeks run : // 6 //...
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    Beard gains!

    Been doing some research on getting a full thick beard, came across a bunch of pages where dudes use minoxidil 2x a day on their face and they grow great full beards. There’s controversy over whether the hair stays or falls out after you stop using it, typical usage is 6mo to 1 year. Anyone...
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    Switching from Prop to Cyp

    I’ve been cruising on the left over test prop I have from a blast, trying to switch over to test Cyp tonight. Can I just drop the prop and start the Cyp without a huge fluctuation in my test levels?
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    Calories in Vs. calories out

    Question is - If I have a high protein diet (1.5g-2g) per lb of body weight and keep the calories as low as possible, does it matter how deep of a deficit I go into? Current macro looks like this 52% protein 28% fats 20% carbs That’s just under 2k cals per day plus I’m doing around 800-1000...