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    Easiest method of injection?

    I use 1" on delts, no issues
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    MODs please delete

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    Where to source injectable L-Carnitine?

    I know Chase Irons has talked a lot about L-Carnitine on his YouTube and he sells it on his website. Not sure of the quality or if it is a good price though:
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    How should I ask my doctor for test

    Are you looking to get test because you are low or because you want it? If you are actually low and you have a good dr he should be going through the steps to bring it up naturally first before just throwing testosterone on you.
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    Calorie counting apps

    I have used both RP Diet and Carbon in the past for tracking diet. I've had success with both. I personally prefer Carbon because it is a lot more flexible than RP Diet.
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    Heart health

    I get heart palpitations at times if I am salting everything normally and drinking stuff with electrolytes if I didn't sweat a ton that day, which isn't necessary dangerous, but can cause me some panic/anxiety.
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    HGH and joint pain

    I did a run of HGH for about 5 months last year, changed the protocol a few times but ended doing 2ius daily - but never really "felt" anything. I stopped taking it when work got crazy and wasn't able to get in the gym as often. Felt like I was wasting it. Then about a month and a half ago I...
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    blood pressure reading

    Same thing here. Home BP monitors always reads high, but it is always normal at the Dr.
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    Fellow bros with ridiculously tight backs, how do you pop it?

    I love doing the Donnie Thompson low back protocol. Hanging upside down feels amazing on my back.
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    is HGH worth it ?

    This might be a dumb question, but how long does it take for you to be considered fasted after a meal in the day? Here is a normal day for me: 1) wake at 630am 1a) take HGH 2) breakfast at 10am 3) train 1030-1130/1145 4) protein shake 30mins post training 5) lunch at 1 6) snack at 3 7) dinner at...
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    is HGH worth it ?

    Should that be "fasted" or does that not matter?
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    is HGH worth it ?

    Thanks! I am going to boost it it 3ius daily for a bit and see how it goes. What are your thoughts about taking it post training or at bed as well?
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    is HGH worth it ?

    I have been following Chase Irons YouTube page for a while and he has changed his HGH protocol over the course of a few months. Maybe I should just go back to following his recommendation.
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    is HGH worth it ?

    What is the frequency at that dosage?
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    is HGH worth it ?

    What is your dosing for the low dose?
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    is HGH worth it ?

    What is your suggested dosing? I took it for about 6 months but at HRT levels. I tried 2ius MWF, 2iu M-F, 2ius morning and night on MWF. Never seemed to make a significant difference other than some swollen hands and ankles. I still have 2 kits in my fridge.
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    thoughts on insulin

    Honestly it just scares the shit out of me. I would be so worried about fucking it up.
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    Who has the best Generic HGH

    I used @GoodLyfe HGH for a while, good stuff.
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    Estrogenic effects on Test Cyp

    I take 6.25mg of aromasin every 3 days with 90mg e4d of Test C. I am higher bf (20%), so I have a high conversion. BW showed my e2 in the upper 70s and I was feeling some symptoms. Since starting the aromasin I feel much better. Energy is much higher, sleep is better, no more anxiety, skin and...
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    TRT + low dose NPP for joint pain

    Curious if anyone is running TRT dosages with low doses of NPP. I've seen a few older threads on other forums of people taking it long term (5+ years) with no issues and seeing a ton of benefits, all right from their TRT clinic. I have some pretty nasty joint pain, especially in my hips and...