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    [Source] Growth Guys - HUGE sale on HGH on NOW!

    Recently made my first order with GGC. Extremely prompt responses and communication. Accommodating of my last second changes. Very fast shipping and excellent packaging as well. Just received my order today, so can't yet speak to the quality of the product. Excited to try it and report back...
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    [Source] Growth Guys - HUGE sale on HGH on NOW!

    Fair enough, looking forward to the new pricing tomorrow. Is it solely your HGH products decreasing in price or the other peptides you offer as well? Also earlier you mentioned 10 vial kits for other peptides, is there any discount for such a bulk order or simply 10x the single vial price? Thanks
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    [Source] Biogenix Pharma - Canada Domestic -

    Do you have any HPLC Tests on your peptides? Specifically BPC, TB500, HGH Frag? Thanks.