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  1. imagepb

    Tren + Primo stack experience

    Anyone here stacked Primo and Tren? I’ve been debating stacking DHB with Tren but leaning towards Primo now. My main reason is to keep my E2 down without ADex. Now I know primo absolutely crashes my E2. With 500 test and 600 primo I was around 22 ng/Dl e2. I’m trying to add some fullness...
  2. imagepb

    Viper Flex 250mg/wk 1699 ng/Dl

    |----------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------| @viper-flex | Test Cypionate | | 250 (mg)/wk | | Anything else In cycle: None | | Weeks Run : 3...
  3. imagepb

    Viper flex Tren A

    Started my Tren A/Test Cyp today. 300/250/wk. I’ve been on Test Cyp cruise for about 9 weeks now. Shifted over to Viper Flex Test Cyp 4 weeks ago. The Tren A went in without any pip, but we’ll know tomorrow if there really is any. It went in smooth as can be through a 27g needle. The...
  4. imagepb

    Homebrew formula (math inside)

    Since the basskiller calculator has been dead a while, here’s your formula for your homebrews. X = how much raw we need Z = desired Dosage D = displacement factor Y = desired yield (X/Z)(D) = Y You should already know the dosage you want and the desired yield, which is based on how long you...
  5. imagepb

    Viper Flex

    I ordered mid/late afternoon Friday (4/22) and received package Monday (4/25). Tracking shows it shipped same day. I’m blown away. Emails were always responded to within 12 hours. Usually within 1-2 hours.