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  1. Gwynnywise

    GOODLYFE —USA Domestic Anabolics/GH/PCT (GSO and MCT)

    Proton. Not my first order with him either. Didn’t want to clog his email if he is a little behind catching up from a break, so thought I’d ask here first.
  2. Gwynnywise

    GOODLYFE —USA Domestic Anabolics/GH/PCT (GSO and MCT)

    Should I resend an order after 48hrs if I haven’t received a reply?
  3. Gwynnywise

    GOODLYFE —USA Domestic Anabolics/GH/PCT (GSO and MCT)

    On standby for the reply to complete my order.
  4. Gwynnywise

    GOODLYFE —USA Domestic Anabolics/GH/PCT (GSO and MCT)

    Patiently awaited! Order sent first thing this a.m. Your primo is absolute top notch, and had to get more!
  5. Gwynnywise

    [Source] Dragon Ordnance - SOURCE REMOVED FROM SST

    DO has a Saizen 60iu for less than 36iu(?), but my question being it isn’t refrigerated during travel. Also have read a statement or two to never trust a cartridge being legit. Hearing it checks out from others is usually my deciding factor, so can anyone chime in on this please?
  6. Gwynnywise


    I do not. First time tested to see any elevation outside of the normal range, however I will have another panel drawn in a few months to look for consistency.
  7. Gwynnywise

    Azteca HGH 3iu daily for three months IFG-1 over 300ng/ml

    Link to Bloodwork Source Azteca HGH Black Tops Daily HGH Dosage 3iu Other Compounds in Cycle Test E, Mast E Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 500 Mg Weeks Run 12 Draw Time from Last Pin 12hrs Blood Results 307ng/ml Testosterone Reading in ng/dl na Testosterone Multiplier...
  8. Gwynnywise


    Numbers don’t lie. Three months of 3iu per day of Azteca’s HGH WITH IGF-1 levels over 300. I