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  1. hypeofbeauty1

    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    What do the stars signify next to some of the menu items?
  2. hypeofbeauty1


    Yes.. please don't.
  3. hypeofbeauty1

    Goodlyfe hgh

    As I said I've ran other vendors GH and have noticed positive effects for me personally (without a serum test of course.... I base the quality on the following. First.. carpel tunnel effect. I work a job that requires extensive use of my hands so I will notice that side effect first. Secondly I...
  4. hypeofbeauty1

    Goodlyfe hgh

    I have ran many hgh kits from many vendors on this board. Goodlyfe is known for there testing of every batch and I've never had any issues. I've been running @viper-flex GH for a few months now and it's by far the most potent out of all of them.
  5. hypeofbeauty1

    Enclomefiene source.

    Anybody wanna recommend or plug a source on this board that carries Enclomefiene. Preferably if you have successfully ran this compound recently.
  6. hypeofbeauty1

    Libido help..

    I'm gonna give this a go and report back. Any source you could recommend for the Enclomefiene? I have everything else on hand.
  7. hypeofbeauty1

    Libido help..

    Keep this thread open because I will be posting those results in the next week or so.
  8. hypeofbeauty1

    US Raloxifene source?

    I have ordered this from @viper-flex and it is strong.
  9. hypeofbeauty1

    Libido help..

    The inert overly active desire to watch porn just isn't the same, thats the problem. My sexual appetite is what I want to be raging again. I've been running tren ace but about to switch to enanthate.
  10. hypeofbeauty1

    Libido help..

    I wanted a general consensus on what you guys use to Increase libido. I would love to feel as if I was like 21 again and wanted to bang everything that walked by. I have an older girlfriend about 20 years and her sex drive is through the roof. I can keep up but I now she expects her younger man...
  11. hypeofbeauty1

    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    Damn I was so caught up in enjoying my weekend I didn't even get to see what my favorite source was running for a promotion. I understand it's over but what was it if I may ask?
  12. hypeofbeauty1

    Solid generic HGH source at the moment?

    I have run various Chinese based GH suppliers as well as a few here in sst. At the moment I am running @viperflex and the results are amazing compared to the Chinese source I was using for the last year.
  13. hypeofbeauty1

    ViperFlex Labs - Primo 100mg Overall Impeccable Customer Service

    I have been running the Primobolan from @viperflex. I run 200 mg 1.5 x weekly with anavar and sustanon. The primo is very potent compared to other sources I've used. The dry look it gives my midsection is A+.I have maybe placed 4 orders with this source and hundreds from various other vendors in...
  14. hypeofbeauty1

    USPS "Available for pickup"

    I on the other hand have a and this happens 5 out 10 times I get aas shipped. You can be paranoid if you want but I've never had trouble I think it means they were too lazy to deliver it or it would be more of a hassle to put back on your carriers route. I know I have informed delivery...
  15. hypeofbeauty1

    Peptide information to recommend?

    I'm looking to add peptides to my regime to see if I could make the switch from AAS to a less toxic route of maintaining my desired physique. I understand your journey can only be as good as the information you choose to use along the way. Is there a book anyone could recommend? One that goes...
  16. hypeofbeauty1

    ViperFlex Stellar T/A

    Within an hour of payment I had a receipt in my inbox. And I had a nice pack in my P.O. BOX on the southern east coast within 2-3 days. No late response or delayed shipping. Just quality gear and a lighting fast turnaround time. Got a customer for life.
  17. hypeofbeauty1

    ViperFlex Anavar 50mg

    This was my first round of anavar in my 10+ AAS journey.I made sure I went with a source that was stellar in customer service as well as quality. ViperFlex once again delivered with this compound. My abs finally popped when I added this to my lineup. If I only I could run orals year round.
  18. hypeofbeauty1

    ViperFLEX Test Cyp - 1790ng - 4.77333

    @CaptainAmerica is this formatting acceptable?
  19. hypeofbeauty1

    ViperFLEX Test Cyp - 1790ng - 4.77333

  20. hypeofbeauty1

    Hair loss Prevention...

    I think it thins out before you lose it right? So I would say both? You didn't notice any positive improvement from any of those?