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  1. J

    Found out my girl is using my anadrol lol

    So a week ago we went in and her program was to hit a top DL single followed by backdown triples. While working up I noticed she was moving weight damn near 90% at the speed of a 60% pull. Loaded up her 1rm and ripped it like an empty bar. Added 5lb, same deal. Added another 10lb, same deal...
  2. J

    Colonial Labs

    Order went from paid to my mailbox in 3 days (Paid late evening otherwise prob would've been 2 days), and CL threw in an extra Deca! Haven't changed sources for any orders in over a year now for good reason. Truly the Amazon Prime of gear sources.
  3. J

    How's international T/A averaging recently?

    General question to users who are ordering gear from outside the USA and having it shipped to a USA address. With the current state of the world as far as shipping port issues recently, pandemic BS and war BS going on are you guys experiencing longer shipping times? I know our int sources are...