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  1. M

    Can I use my Test if the vile has been in my car for a long time?

    I bought some test a while back and I had a vile and a half left over. When I moved I threw it in my glove box and forgot about it. I wanna get back on a test cycle, can I use that test vile if its been sitting there for months. Temperatures has gone up and down and sometimes even over 100...
  2. J

    Cycle Help Please :)

    So I been weightlifting for about 10 years now and have a decent structure and frame at my best I was 196 5 ft 9 inches 10% BF. I haven’t lifted in a year bc job lay off and other personnel stuff. I’ve used test, tren, NPP, anadrol, Anavar,proviron, and a few others. I’m starting the gym this...
  3. GoatedGoat

    First Cycle Finalizing

    Been reading up and etc. Here is what my first cycle should look like if anyone thinks any alterations should be given then please give them. Taking any and all advice, thank you. Bloods Timing: Pre, 4Weeks In, Post-2 Weeks Length: 16 weeks 375 Test C per week E3D 20mg Tamoxifen ED...
  4. GoatedGoat

    First Cycle Help

    I will take any and all suggestions, thank you for your help this is what I am planning on doing. Would like to know if this is a good first cycle. Planning in using Goodlyfe as a source. If you guys have any other like sort of pdfs or any large chunks of information you could link before a...
  5. P

    Need help! No appetite on pct/anxiety

    Hey guys I came off a 12 week cycle of 500 test 40 mg tbol for 7 weeks with use of Aromasin when needed. Haven’t cycled in 4 years but it went well and I gained lots of size/strength. Now I’m on week 2 of my pct consistenting of 50mg clomid, 20mg nolvadex, 12.5mg Mk-677 ed (first time trying mk...
  6. Z

    How many weeks should I run 350mg of test e?

    I was planning on running an 8-9 week cycle of 350mg or test e. This is my first ever cycle. A lot of people told me I should start 8-9 weeks but some people have told me I could do 12-14. I assume it is just personal preference but I figured I’d ask people who know about this stuff. Thanks I’m...
  7. D

    Current Cycle Tren A/ Test C

    What’s up y’all, thought I’d fill you in and keep you updated with my current cycle. I’m running 300mg Tren A and 200mg Test C per week. I just got my initial blood work done today, the first test will be a limited test because my hormonal levels will be in a normal range and visible. With that...
  8. L

    Advice for a total beginner

    Hey! After 8 years of constant weekly 6x training I'm ready to get on the next level, I accept all the consequences from using steroids. I'm moderably lean, got some muscle, looking into getting more. As the title say, i'm looking for some advices, what and how much should I take for my first...
  9. S

    Adding Anavar to my cruise.

    I started trt about a year ago, and 6 months back I did a 12 week cycle of 500mg test c then went back to my dose of 200mg per week. I just ordered my re-up of test C and also got 60 20mg anavar tablets. What should I expect from 20mg anavar a day for 8 weeks on top of my 200mg of test? Is...