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  1. GoatedGoat

    Basics | Before a first cycle help

    I know things like the dosages to take and things like that. Need more help on like where should I store it, where to get at home bloodwork (live in nyc), any other things that might get forgotten easier, tips & etc. Thank you very much.
  2. P


    Hey everyone, If I inject 3ml of bacteriostatic water into 5mg of BPC-157, how long would that last me? assuming I'm taking 250mcg two times a day for a total of 500mcg a day. I really appreciate any help I'm a little confused and trying to learn the math / if I need to order more
  3. S

    Long Time Homebrewer Looking to get back in the Game! Help guys

    So I was a mad scientist when I was younger homebrewing my own gear, I've been out of the gym and not home-brewed in 7 years, I'm looking at getting back into it but there's a problem....back then I had secret encrypted email address, I've since lost the password for that account and it's...
  4. P

    Need help! No appetite on pct/anxiety

    Hey guys I came off a 12 week cycle of 500 test 40 mg tbol for 7 weeks with use of Aromasin when needed. Haven’t cycled in 4 years but it went well and I gained lots of size/strength. Now I’m on week 2 of my pct consistenting of 50mg clomid, 20mg nolvadex, 12.5mg Mk-677 ed (first time trying mk...
  5. J

    First time user - Cycle help and questions.

    Hey, new here. I’m looking at a beginner cycle of low dose test / anavar for 12 weeks. Would look something like this: *Test E - 400/mg a week for 12 weeks *Anavar - beginning on week 4 - 40mg a day for remainder 8 weeks *Novaldex - 4 weeks for PCT - first two weeks =40 a day and last two...
  6. G

    Nipple pain, despite using Arimidex

    Veteran TRT and Steroid abuser here. Been on 2 years, and was feeling great until about 4 months ago when I started having nipple pain despite using an AI. Went and got my prolactin and estrogen tested, estrogen came back exactly normal (35pgml IIRC) and prolactin came back low-normal, I think...
  7. D

    Denmark domestic source

    Hey, does anyone have experience with domestic sources in Denmark and if so, could you point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a domestic source in Denmark, as it is a country with very strict customs and I've had problems with it before
  8. C

    Increased heart rate after second dose of Test-e.

    This is my first cycle taking 500mg test-e a week. first week was normal, felt great and energetic. last Friday went out with friends and got drunk; Saturday had a bad hangover but nothing out of the ordinary; at around 8pm after feeling almost 100% recovered from the hangover I did my second...
  9. L

    Help! Feeling Off!

    Had bloods done because I was having a bit of transient insomnia (waking too early, unable to go back to sleep), racing thoughts, irritability, etc. I was doing the following: Weeks 1-3: 210 mg test C (TRT) + 150 IU HCG ED Weeks 4-5 420 mg test C (testing a blast) + 150 IU HCG ED I got this...
  10. T

    Quit TRT Need guidance regarding PCT protocol Please and thank you

    I recently decided to get off Trt, I had some HCG and Clomid 50mg on hand I am taking clomid 50mg 1 pill everyday since july 28th, I was only on Trt for about 3ish months. I'm hoping to get my natural test level back in order Any suggestions regarding how I can bring back my natural test levels...
  11. S

    Looking to learn

    I’m new to this but have been weight training for years. Just now after going through some medical issues, I’m looking to get my body ready for competition. Where do I start? I’d like to understand test and what it can do for me and what if anything I need with it. A solid source would be...
  12. L

    PCT questions? Need help

    Hello, I have a few questions I’m a little new to all this so I just did my first cycle . I’m attaching a photo. 28 year Old male 198lbs 5’11 Questions PCT: What should exactly be done for post cycle ? Bloodwork: How important is this ? What kind of blood test should I be taking ? How...