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    Thanks good to do business with u it's been about a year just getting back into the "marathons" just received good looking just cracked open will stay in touch!
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    Lift Heavy or Light

    It seems to me that when I lift heavy I get decent size but not great definition. Usually 3-5 sets of 10 reps but doesn't seem to be working much anymore and definition is lacking. I've lowered the weight slightly with 3-5 sets of 12 reps and seems to work the same. Recently I've tried 3x10 and...
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    Hypertrophy Test E 600mg/ week 3327ng/dl 5.5x

    Link to Bloodwork Insert Image Link Here Source @Hypertrophy Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 600 mg Other Compounds in Cycle Primo E (from Hyper as well) Weekly Dose Other Compounds (mg) 320 mg Weeks Run 5.5 weeks at time of draw Draw Time from Last Pin...
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    Hypertrophy T/A (2nd order)

    9 days T/A. Ordered Oct 11, arrived Oct 20. Excellent packing like last time.
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    Hypertrophy T/A

    6 days T/A, including me adding something I forgot to the order. Excellent packing... you could have thrown it off the roof to the driveway and the contents would have been fine. Excellent overall experience and I'll likely order from Hyp again! Timeline: Sep 26 - ordered in the afternoon 1...
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    Hypertrophy Tren E & BPC-157

    Order some Tren E 250 and BPC-157 from @Hypertrophy and god I was impressed! Had my first pin 3 days ago, the Tren E was sooooo dammnn smoooth, zero pips. I'd say HYP's Tren E is the smoothest I've ever pinned. The rubber stopper is also very firm and high quality too! Being hyper responsive to...
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    Hypertrophy Labs Test E 150mg/week 1095ng/dl 7.3x

    Link to Bloodwork Source @Hypertrophy Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 150Mg Other Compounds in Cycle None Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) N/A Weeks Run 5 Draw Time from Last Pin 48 hrs Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 1095ng/dl...