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    Need help! No appetite on pct/anxiety

    Hey guys I came off a 12 week cycle of 500 test 40 mg tbol for 7 weeks with use of Aromasin when needed. Haven’t cycled in 4 years but it went well and I gained lots of size/strength. Now I’m on week 2 of my pct consistenting of 50mg clomid, 20mg nolvadex, 12.5mg Mk-677 ed (first time trying mk...
  2. S

    First Cycle

    howdy yall 22yr-175lbs-6ft1.5in going to get a blood test later this week. Many signs point to slightly lower than average for my age test levels. (eating disorder when growing up didn't help) 3500-3800 cal- 180g pr - 200g carbs /daily Steadily gaining 5lbs a month for the past 4 months. meh...
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    PCT Advice

    I’m about to start a 12 week cycle of 300mg Tren A per week and 200mg Test C per week, but I’m struggling to figure out what the best date to start a clomid/nolvadex PCT. From what I’ve seen, if I were just taking Tren I should start it 3 days after my last administration, and if I were just...
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    Deus Pharma Enclomiphene 25mg daily (4 weeks in)

    Stopped injecting test mid December. Ran some HCG then Clomid 50mg MWF with some Dhea throughout January. First set of labs: Decided to try a little harder ordered Enclomiphene dropped DHEA and went for the most efficacious dose in studies = 25mg daily. Note that for...
  5. G

    Pharma Grade Test C

    Anyone have legit US Domestic sources for pharmagrade Test C or E? What is your experience? Also legit PCT supplier? Heard Dash is good. but open to new supplier Thanks
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    Quit TRT Need guidance regarding PCT protocol Please and thank you

    I recently decided to get off Trt, I had some HCG and Clomid 50mg on hand I am taking clomid 50mg 1 pill everyday since july 28th, I was only on Trt for about 3ish months. I'm hoping to get my natural test level back in order Any suggestions regarding how I can bring back my natural test levels...
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    PCT questions? Need help

    Hello, I have a few questions I’m a little new to all this so I just did my first cycle . I’m attaching a photo. 28 year Old male 198lbs 5’11 Questions PCT: What should exactly be done for post cycle ? Bloodwork: How important is this ? What kind of blood test should I be taking ? How...