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    PharmaHgh not refunded cancelled order

    So I placed an order today on pharma and bought what i needed in the time limit it gave me. I sent the bitcoin and i went to check on it about an hour later and my order was cancelled. Not sure why. So i checked my cash app and never got any notification on being refunded.
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    HGH: Serostim & Omnitrope Sources

    Who is the best source for Serostim and Omnitrope? I do not mind paying a premium for pharma-grade.
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    Lost order!!!!

    Need help please I ordered from Pharma HGH and sent the payment. They took the payment. But I never received the order. I have ordered from them in the past. Received it but this time. It’s showing up as canceled and it’s been 3 weeks nothing has arrived. There is no contact on the site. can...
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    PharmaHgh : 6,665 ng/dl - 1000mg Test E - 200mg Tren A - 25mg Anavar 6.6x Multiplier

    December Blood Work Blood work PDF - Google Drive Source PharmaHgh Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 1000Mg Other Compounds in Cycle Tren A 200mg/wk Anavar 25mg/day Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) Tren A 200mg/wk Anavar 25mg/day Weeks Run 7 weeks Draw Time...
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    PharmaHGH Labs

    Wanted to leave feedback in the proper location. I ordered on a Sunday. I paid, then I realized I forgot to add an additional product. I emailed the owner and got a reply quickly. I was given instructions for payment to add an item and the adjustments were made within 90 minutes. The label was...
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    Just curious, ordered from PHARMAHGH last year and got bad PIP. Thought it was an allergic reaction(and even contacted them, they were very responsive) tried another order from colonial and the PIP went away. Same oils, after letting pharmahgh sit for a year, PIP went away but worried the gear...