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  1. H

    testosterone cypionate to the uk

    Are there any verified and reliable sources that ship testosterone cypionate to the UK?
  2. W

    Best Primo Source

    Any recommendations for the best Primo source on SST? Has anyone seen test results?
  3. H


  4. P

    Shipping roids into Finland

    So I might be moving to Finland after Germany, and I need to know which sources ship to Finland. I heard that even in the EU warehouses, rates of seizure are higher for Finland vs Germany. Something around 50-50. Which sources are the best for bypassing Finnish/Nordic customs?
  5. MuscleCandy

    [Source] MuscleCandy —

    WELCOME TO THE CANDY SHOP!! ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* PLEASE READ OUR FULL INTRODUCTION POST AND YOU WILL FIND CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW MUSCLECANDY is a domestically owned and operated lab...
  6. A

    Source suggestion?

    Moving to Australia. Anybody have recommendations on sources from SST that they’ve used for Aus? Checked the international sources and seems like most of them haven’t been reliable to people on SST
  7. B

    Biogen Thread gone?

    Biogen’s email address is coming up as “recipient not found” in protonmail. And I can’t find their thread here. What’s going on?
  8. G

    Pharma Grade Test C

    Anyone have legit US Domestic sources for pharmagrade Test C or E? What is your experience? Also legit PCT supplier? Heard Dash is good. but open to new supplier Thanks
  9. acetate_jake


    I ordered from hypertrophy labs on 10/3 and received my package 10/6. Fast Shipping and excellent communication along the way. Hypertrophy answered all my questions and made me very confident that he is only willing to put out the best product. Not to mention, his background as the brewer for...
  10. D

    Denmark domestic source

    Hey, does anyone have experience with domestic sources in Denmark and if so, could you point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a domestic source in Denmark, as it is a country with very strict customs and I've had problems with it before
  11. J

    Good source in Hungary/Eastern EU

    Hi, I am totally new in steroids, have been working out for a while and I want to start my first cycle. My stats: 178cm tall, and 95-100kg. I would be happy to find some "experts" to chat about bodybuilding, steroids as well as a trusted source in my country or within the EU.
  12. T

    Your experience with TBOL?

    Hi guys, Not sure if this question is allowed and I'm ready to get flamed but...does anyone have a recommended source on this website for legit TBOL? And how was your experience with it? Benefits vs side effects? Thank you !
  13. C

    What's the status of Purple Panda Labs?

    I don't see Purple Panda Labs listed as a source anymore in any of the source subforums. I didn't see anything in the Announcements forum about removing PPL as a source. What's the deal? Did something happen to cause the admins to lose trust? The PPL website seems to be working.