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  1. H

    Finasteride demolished my Hormones and gave me Sexual problems. Ask me anything.

    I am a 24y/o male who got severe side effects from Finasteride including low T, low GH, Low libido, No morning wood, Penile numbness, Peyronie's disease(due to lack of blood flow). I was lucky that I didn't got any mental or neurological side effects. I have it all documented from my blood...
  2. L

    PCT questions? Need help

    Hello, I have a few questions I’m a little new to all this so I just did my first cycle . I’m attaching a photo. 28 year Old male 198lbs 5’11 Questions PCT: What should exactly be done for post cycle ? Bloodwork: How important is this ? What kind of blood test should I be taking ? How...