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    Tejas Cardinal 10/10

    Started using this lab a few months ago. They came highly recommended. Their test E and C, primo, tren A, IM Superdrol, anavar, winstrol, oral anadrol, cialis, and arimidex are all stuff I’ve used or one of my buddies has used personally. Product way surpassed what I expected. Their prices are...
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    Tejas Cardinal labs

    I’ve never been more satisfied with a supplier. Their customer service is fast and true to their word and my products were delivered very fast. I highly recommend this supplier!
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    Tejas Cardinal- A lab with values and comically quick replies to support emails.

    Tejas Cardinal, what can I say about this lab? Well, as of this past Sunday I placed my first order with them. A few days go by and I notice I never got any details regarding said order. I email them, they email me back in literally 3-7 minutes. Turns out, i'm dipshit numero uno as I forgot...
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    Tejas Cardinal website down?

    The website has been down all day today from what I can tell. Just wanted a status on my order, I placed it 2-3 days ago but haven’t received any sort of confirmation. Seems like payment went through fine. Any idea on T/A?
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    Tejas Cardinal 2 day T/A

    Ordered on July 5th. Pack touched down today July 7th, couldn't be happier with this :)
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    Tejas Cardinal T/A Issue *Updated

    Currently 12 days in with no pack. 9 business days. I will preface that I used the website and was unsure if I had put my APT number down which is a big deal where I'm located. If that's not included, I won't get the pack. Sent an email the same day to confirm the correct address. They responded...
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    Tejas Cardinal Labs - Test E 600mg/wk 3800ng/dl 6.33x

    Link to Bloodwork [] Source @tejascardinal Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 600 Mg Other Compounds in Cycle Equipose, Arimidex Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 600 Mg, 1 Mg Weeks Run 12 weeks (still running the cycle) Draw Time from Last Pin ~40 hours...