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test e

  1. theblanksign

    [Help] Regrowth or Hair loss? Fin + Test E

    Hey guys, Long time listener, first time caller. Could really use some advice: I'm 26, this is cycle 4+. I’m on 500mg Test E (week 12/25), I'm about to start Primo 600mg for 12 weeks as well. I have been on 1mg Finasteride consistently for 6 months. I’ve noticed some hair miniaturization on...
  2. S

    First Cycle

    howdy yall 22yr-175lbs-6ft1.5in going to get a blood test later this week. Many signs point to slightly lower than average for my age test levels. (eating disorder when growing up didn't help) 3500-3800 cal- 180g pr - 200g carbs /daily Steadily gaining 5lbs a month for the past 4 months. meh...
  3. M

    First Cycle Suggestion

    What’s up guys ? I used SARMS (RAD140 and LGD Stack) few month back and I always got told to take test because its side effects are way better. So after some research I found 500mg/wk for 12 weeks is a good starting point. I wanted to ask should I be getting test e or c and what AI (aromatase...
  4. D

    Test/mast compound.

    Have trained for 5 years Dialed in diet for 1.5 years with bulks and cuts to recomp Started test e in January, 500 a week (2 doses of 250) ran with Anavar for 6 weeks. Ran test same dose since then with diet and training consistency, but more towards summer cut. Down about 25-27 lbs...
  5. T

    Should I lower my test e dose back down to a cruise to add in tren a? Or continue the blast of both?

    Should I lower my test e dose back down to a cruise to add in tren a eod?
  6. Z

    How many weeks should I run 350mg of test e?

    I was planning on running an 8-9 week cycle of 350mg or test e. This is my first ever cycle. A lot of people told me I should start 8-9 weeks but some people have told me I could do 12-14. I assume it is just personal preference but I figured I’d ask people who know about this stuff. Thanks I’m...
  7. Z

    Test E Vs Test C injection intervals

    Stupid question I know y’all but I’m still new to this and I’m about to buy some test. Which esther of testosterone do I pin twice a week? This will be my first cycle and I’ll be doing 350mg pinning Monday and Thursday I just need to know which type of Esther I would be buying. Thanks for future...
  8. Vio

    600mg test cycle

    This will be my 2nd cycle. My first was years ago and was test e and EQ. Now I am a little older (29) and work construction building homes so I’m very active during the day. Hopping on a 600mg a week cycle of test e (2 300mg shots) I was debating stacking it with dbol but decided just to run...
  9. J and pharmaqo steroids ?

    hey, multiple people said the stuff i bought could be underdosed. so i wanted to ask if someone bought test or tren e from the pharmaqo labs from and could tell me their experience with it ? according to eroids, getmassive is legit so i don't know what to think about it
  10. J

    tren and muscle definition

    I'm currently at week 10 of a light test and tren cycle. my "problem" is that i don't see any changes. like the skin on my arms is ripping because of growth and i have pretty heavy insomnia but i don't see any growth elsewhere, strength is pretty much the same and the muscle definition/ fat...
  11. J

    First time user - Cycle help and questions.

    Hey, new here. I’m looking at a beginner cycle of low dose test / anavar for 12 weeks. Would look something like this: *Test E - 400/mg a week for 12 weeks *Anavar - beginning on week 4 - 40mg a day for remainder 8 weeks *Novaldex - 4 weeks for PCT - first two weeks =40 a day and last two...
  12. B

    @LockandLoadLabs aromasin blood work

    Source @LockandLoadLabs Test Ester Running Test-E (Nov 2021 batch) Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 75Mg E5D Other Compounds in Cycle @LockandLoadLabs Aromasin 12.5mg tabs (Nov 2021 batch) Weekly Dose Other Compounds (mg) 12.5mg Weeks Run 8 weeks Draw Time from Last Pin 72 Blood...
  13. Theinfamousd


    What up y’all have been currently deciding to bump test e to 750 a week (currently on 500) have seen significant progress at just 500 a week test only cycle have ran 3 so far. Sitting at 220 5’10 13% BF trying to see if bumping to 750 would be much of a difference or if I should throw in another...
  14. F

    IM injections vs Subcutaneous for Test?

    I am about to start a regime of test e starting 160mg/week injected twice a week that i'm actually getting from my doc for low T. My doc said he recommended using smaller insulin pins and injecting subcutaneously as opposed to intermuscular (IM) injections. I was a bit surprised as I've only...
  15. J

    Eurochem labs

    Hey everyone! My supplier I was using stopped carrying a brand of test e I really liked and my body agreed with. I’m curious if anyone knows a source that stocks “Eurochem Labs” Enanject 250? Thanks I’m advance! Cheers
  16. G

    Viper Flex - Amazing Products, Customer Service, and Shipping

    Man where do I start? This is my first cycle and I ordered from his bogo sale and it arrived in about 5 days. Product was great and I have zero complaints. I also like his stealth as well. He promptly offered replacement after I had issues with one of the vial tops after taking the cap off. He...
  17. G

    Viper Flex

    Hey all, I ordered Test E and Test P along with Nolva/HCG during their BOGO introductory sale and everything went great. Arrived within 4 days after ordering I believe. Slight PIP in glutes but I believe that's just from me moving the needle around slightly while injecting (this is my first...
  18. OldBenkenobi

    Colonial Labs Test E 400mg/ week 2018ng/dl 5.05x

    Link to Bloodwork Source @Colonial Labs Test Ester Running Enanthate 250mg/ml GSO Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 400Mg Other Compounds in Cycle None Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) N/A Weeks Run 12 weeks Draw Time from Last Pin 36 hours Blood Results Testosterone Reading...
  19. G

    HCG or no? First Cycle

    What's up everyone! Looking forward to running my first cycle after getting bloodwork in a few weeks. I am 27, 5'11" @ 170. Started working out 5x a week a few months ago. I was previously 140-150 my entire life but have recently been able to gain 20 lbs due to a new medication. I plan to run...
  20. S

    SYNERGY FORGE Test E 150mg/ week 1393.5ng/dl 4.6x

    TABLE Source @Synergy Forge Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 150mg Other Compounds in Cycle N/A Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) N/A Weeks Run 9weeks Draw Time from Last Pin 3 days Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 1393.5ng/dl...