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test e

  1. T

    I did 2 shots of tren ace at the end of my last test cycle 8 months ago and still feel the affects from it..

    My cardio is shit, I have crazy anxiety, my heart beats fast, I feel weak like I’m gonna pass out.. I constantly check on my girlfriend to make sure she’s not cheating etc.. paranoia.. wtf do I do? I also came off of everything including testosterone because my heart was flying when I ran up a...
  2. G

    Test - Dbol - Primobolan

    I just started my cycle on Saturday. 250 mgs of test e every three days and 50 mgs of Dbol every day. I got both from ViperFlex. The 50 mgs ruined my appetite so I’m doing 25 at the moment. Ideally you start the primo once you’re done with the Dbol. Would doing them at the same time be a good...
  3. H

    testosterone cypionate to the uk

    Are there any verified and reliable sources that ship testosterone cypionate to the UK?
  4. theblanksign

    [Help] Regrowth or Hair loss? Fin + Test E

    Hey guys, Long time listener, first time caller. Could really use some advice: I'm 26, this is cycle 4+. I’m on 500mg Test E (week 12/25), I'm about to start Primo 600mg for 12 weeks as well. I have been on 1mg Finasteride consistently for 6 months. I’ve noticed some hair miniaturization on...
  5. S

    First Cycle

    howdy yall 22yr-175lbs-6ft1.5in going to get a blood test later this week. Many signs point to slightly lower than average for my age test levels. (eating disorder when growing up didn't help) 3500-3800 cal- 180g pr - 200g carbs /daily Steadily gaining 5lbs a month for the past 4 months. meh...
  6. M

    First Cycle Suggestion

    What’s up guys ? I used SARMS (RAD140 and LGD Stack) few month back and I always got told to take test because its side effects are way better. So after some research I found 500mg/wk for 12 weeks is a good starting point. I wanted to ask should I be getting test e or c and what AI (aromatase...
  7. D

    Test/mast compound.

    Have trained for 5 years Dialed in diet for 1.5 years with bulks and cuts to recomp Started test e in January, 500 a week (2 doses of 250) ran with Anavar for 6 weeks. Ran test same dose since then with diet and training consistency, but more towards summer cut. Down about 25-27 lbs...
  8. T

    Should I lower my test e dose back down to a cruise to add in tren a? Or continue the blast of both?

    Should I lower my test e dose back down to a cruise to add in tren a eod?
  9. Z

    How many weeks should I run 350mg of test e?

    I was planning on running an 8-9 week cycle of 350mg or test e. This is my first ever cycle. A lot of people told me I should start 8-9 weeks but some people have told me I could do 12-14. I assume it is just personal preference but I figured I’d ask people who know about this stuff. Thanks I’m...
  10. Z

    Test E Vs Test C injection intervals

    Stupid question I know y’all but I’m still new to this and I’m about to buy some test. Which esther of testosterone do I pin twice a week? This will be my first cycle and I’ll be doing 350mg pinning Monday and Thursday I just need to know which type of Esther I would be buying. Thanks for future...
  11. Vio

    600mg test cycle

    This will be my 2nd cycle. My first was years ago and was test e and EQ. Now I am a little older (29) and work construction building homes so I’m very active during the day. Hopping on a 600mg a week cycle of test e (2 300mg shots) I was debating stacking it with dbol but decided just to run...
  12. J and pharmaqo steroids ?

    hey, multiple people said the stuff i bought could be underdosed. so i wanted to ask if someone bought test or tren e from the pharmaqo labs from and could tell me their experience with it ? according to eroids, getmassive is legit so i don't know what to think about it
  13. J

    tren and muscle definition

    I'm currently at week 10 of a light test and tren cycle. my "problem" is that i don't see any changes. like the skin on my arms is ripping because of growth and i have pretty heavy insomnia but i don't see any growth elsewhere, strength is pretty much the same and the muscle definition/ fat...
  14. J

    First time user - Cycle help and questions.

    Hey, new here. I’m looking at a beginner cycle of low dose test / anavar for 12 weeks. Would look something like this: *Test E - 400/mg a week for 12 weeks *Anavar - beginning on week 4 - 40mg a day for remainder 8 weeks *Novaldex - 4 weeks for PCT - first two weeks =40 a day and last two...
  15. bluescat510

    @LockandLoadLabs aromasin blood work

    Source @LockandLoadLabs Test Ester Running Test-E (Nov 2021 batch) Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 75Mg E5D Other Compounds in Cycle @LockandLoadLabs Aromasin 12.5mg tabs (Nov 2021 batch) Weekly Dose Other Compounds (mg) 12.5mg Weeks Run 8 weeks Draw Time from Last Pin 72 Blood...
  16. Thehectordavid


    What up y’all have been currently deciding to bump test e to 750 a week (currently on 500) have seen significant progress at just 500 a week test only cycle have ran 3 so far. Sitting at 220 5’10 13% BF trying to see if bumping to 750 would be much of a difference or if I should throw in another...
  17. F

    IM injections vs Subcutaneous for Test?

    I am about to start a regime of test e starting 160mg/week injected twice a week that i'm actually getting from my doc for low T. My doc said he recommended using smaller insulin pins and injecting subcutaneously as opposed to intermuscular (IM) injections. I was a bit surprised as I've only...
  18. J

    Eurochem labs

    Hey everyone! My supplier I was using stopped carrying a brand of test e I really liked and my body agreed with. I’m curious if anyone knows a source that stocks “Eurochem Labs” Enanject 250? Thanks I’m advance! Cheers
  19. G

    Viper Flex - Amazing Products, Customer Service, and Shipping

    Man where do I start? This is my first cycle and I ordered from his bogo sale and it arrived in about 5 days. Product was great and I have zero complaints. I also like his stealth as well. He promptly offered replacement after I had issues with one of the vial tops after taking the cap off. He...
  20. G

    Viper Flex

    Hey all, I ordered Test E and Test P along with Nolva/HCG during their BOGO introductory sale and everything went great. Arrived within 4 days after ordering I believe. Slight PIP in glutes but I believe that's just from me moving the needle around slightly while injecting (this is my first...