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Good to be back...


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Nov 24, 2022
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Nice to be back... Old account was boogar...but no longer have access to email

Shortened version of 2 years of pure SHIT.
Was on a roll with my training. Lots of good and bad stuff happened in the past 2 years. Lost $1200 on and order from a good source. Got some bad gear that fucked me up for a while. Got threatened to be fired for not getting the experimental SARS C19 vaccine...so I said fuck off and found a new job. Had a full distal bicep tear...carrying 10x4 drywall sheets, surgery, stopped gear altogether for almost a year, took on a 5000sq ft renovation with my wife, suffered some serious marital issues, got depressed, got mean, got fat. Didnt lift a single weight for 10 months. I wrote it off. Ate shit. No I'm paying. Oh and had another son...thats the awesome part.

Most of that storm is now over. Son is good, little shit, but good. Wife and I had a come to Jesus talk. I realized she has some deep seeded father issues from her crackhead, POS dad leaving her early. He passed aboit 3 years ago, she mever shed a tear. Came to the house one day, one time before he ODed on cocaine. I let it happen, but it wasnt pretty and I made it clear she married a 6ft6, 275lb man for a reason. She has OCD, I have ADD (even got prescribed adderall 60mg). Weve both changed, her more so. Sex SUCKS, but we are super busy, tired and stressed so we do what we can when we can. We are a work in progress.

Arm is healed up nice. Looks like shit. Like a deflated balloon thats been in the sun for a week. But back in the gym and it's filling out. 3 weeks now.

Decided after having some issues with gear I was going the TRT route and not messing with sources anymore. Did a ton of research, foumd a kick ass TRT clinic, used the "keywords" and was prescribed 200mg cypionate, 180mg Nandrolone, Arimidex and HCG weekly on microdosing. Been on about 2 months, but stashing Nandrolone until I get more aclimated. They do bloods, I get a consult. Now have the option to get other stuff including anavar and HGH. Lower doses of course. I'm fine with the doses. I feel great now. I'll still be able to build some good muscle. I know its expensive but its not terrible. And I can afford it. I took my RX to my doc and had him check it. He said they are fully licensed and so are pharmacies. Gtg. I'm just glad its clean, legal and consistent.

Its going to be a long, hard road back but from the ashes right? Cause I burned this old bastard down to the ground. I'm determined. Diet is better, still needs work. Motivation is there, but will be more so when I start seeing results.

Wish me luck


Nov 15, 2021
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Congrats my man and good luck on the new road to progress. Hope it all goes your way.

Question about this clinic-
Is this an online clinic, or you got a local wellness clinic taking care of you?
Care to share a name if online?