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Message to All White Boys


New member
You may be good for absolutely nothing more then being somebody’s monkey. And with an attitude like that, I’m sure that’s all you’ll ever be.most of Todays Blacks are nothing more then victims with a poor me my grandpa was a slave attitude, and some may live with the heaviest thing in they’re pocket being they’re penis 😆 what a shame to think that’s all you’re good for. Honestly porn broke you’re mind,& woman in the real world could give two shits about you little head in comparison to a big wallet and a successful mindset and a winner attitude. It’s this man’s brainless thread and way of thinking that’s enslaved the black “GOD” in the first place!! 😂 todays American black man will always feel inferior to the white colored human! It’s jealousy and insecurity in its purest form. Wish you the best of luck mr big cock god lol,let’s pray you become the next president of our country so that you can grace us all with you’re lovely,and oh so mature bbc speach! How were all so interested 🙄