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Hey man I noticed you used PharmaHGH a couple years ago What was your experience like with them
Yo what's up brother.

Yea dude PH is a good dude, always got my stuff, maybe an item missing once or twice and he always took care of me. Real responsive and T/A was good.

I'd use him again for sure, he has even more lab testing now which is even better than before and carries more product now that he used to not.
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Thanks man!
Hey what did you get from PharmaHGH that had floaters in it? Did you refilter and inject it yet and when did you order? Just curious bc I ordered from them recently as well and don’t wanna risk anything
Vanargandar Var is red & white, both packs...I ordered from the e-mail posted on SST, not MESO.
He told me the lady var was red and white.
Oh ok yeah, I got the lady var, which is red and white.