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  • Reviews that do not conform to this format and contain all of the relevant information pursuant to the guidelines listed below will be ignored. Users who continually tag a mod in non-conforming bloodwork (i.e. more than once) will receive a ban of varying length depending on the level of idiocy.


    1. Account posting the bloodwork for verification needs to be > 2 months old and active in the community. No exceptions.

    2. Bloodwork posted needs to be less than a month old, any longer and it will not be counted (but will only add to the community knowledge base).

    3. Time for blood to be drawn:

    • Test P & A 12-24 hours after last pin. You need to not have been on any long esters for 3 weeks beforehand and you need to have been on Test P/A for minimum 3 weeks.
    • Test E 36-48 hours after last pin. You need to be on for at least 5 weeks.
    • Test C 48-60 hours after last pin. You need to be on for at least 5 weeks.
    • Test U 7-10 days after last pin.
    • If you are pinning Test U on a weekly basis. Right before your weekly pin is acceptable (~7 days since last pin) he half life is 33.9 +/- 4.9 days if in castor oil preparation. You need to be on for at least 15 weeks.
    • Growth Hormone : 10iu's needs to be pinned IM 3 hours before blood draw and no heavy physical activity in that period. 

    Test needs to show EXACT total testosterone detected, not >1500. If a user is running a gram and it turns up 7,000 testosterone or 1,501 the results will be exactly the same and useless for determining the quality of the product. If a user is on a cruise dose (i.e. <=150mg/wk) and a capped test is able to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the testosterone is good, the mods may or may not count it at their discretion. If these guidelines are not followed, the bloodwork cannot be used for verification. Users may view the bloodwork however they see fit but the moderators will not use it to verify the source.

    Provided the bloods were drawn according to the timetable above, the test multiplier (test levels in ng/dl divided by weekly dose of test in mg) needs to be above 4.0x to count as good blood work. Test multipliers below 4x will be counted as bad bloodwork. Prior blood work may be taken into account (i.e. if a user has gotten bloodwork 5 times and consistently converts at a 4x multiplier from pharma test and various SST source’s test, then this will not be counted as bad bloodwork) at the discretion of the mods.

    Special cases: AUS bloods are typically capped by nature and will be considered with this in mind.

    Bloodwork Post Formatting

    The standard bloodwork post rules are below in order for the source to get points toward or against their reputation and verifiction. If these parameters aren’t met, the source can’t receive points and, up to the source’s discretion, may not grant you any store credit offered. SST does not provide credits

    • The user must be at least 2 months old with active post history
    • Title of post format example: SST Labs Test E 500mg/ week 2500ng/dl 5x
    • Table template from other stickied thread must be used. All boxes must be filled in.
    • Capped bloods typically do not qualify. Mod discretion here, for a cruise dose or higher than usual cap.