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  1. L

    Nevibolol in Canada?

    Any help send me in the right direction? 🙏
  2. GGC

    Growth Guys Canada Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Janoshik Results - Batch GGC06

    GGC06: Average 11.60iu per Vial, ~116iu kit Average 97.869% Purity
  3. Deus Pharmaceuticals

    Deus Pharmaceuticals Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/mL (Miglyol 840) Janoshik Results

    Label claim: 200mg/mL Trenbolone Enanthate Janoshik result: 195.37mg/mL Trenbolone Enanthate Accuracy to label: 97.7% of labeled dose Janoshik link:
  4. GGC

    [Source] Growth Guys - HUGE sale on HGH on NOW!

    Hello SST, Our name is GrowthGuysCanada but you can call us GGC for short. We're here to offer up a premiere option for fairly priced, high quality, domestic rHGH. We offer rotating batches of rHGH that have been thoroughly tested via Janoshik HPLC analysis to ensure the highest quality...