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colonial labs

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    Just curious, ordered from PHARMAHGH last year and got bad PIP. Thought it was an allergic reaction(and even contacted them, they were very responsive) tried another order from colonial and the PIP went away. Same oils, after letting pharmahgh sit for a year, PIP went away but worried the gear...
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    Colonial Labs deca test-C TBol

    I've been using all colonial products on my current blast and everything is working amazingly. Up almost 20 pounds and strength has skyrocketed. 10/10
  3. Colonial Labs

    Colonial Labs - Blind tests - Primo-E, Anavar 50mg, NPP 200mg/ml, HGH (Black top)

    Sharing some blind tests done by a client. Client has been given store credit but is not a member of this forum. Primo-E (200mg/mL) -> 203.94 mg/mL NPP (200mg/mL) -> 196.71 mg/mL Anavar (50mg) -> 46.78mg HGH (Black top) -> 95.161% purity, 3.58mg = ~11iu
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    Colonial - Instant Response and Shipping

    Here's my T/A review of Colonial I felt like posting another review since he responded so quickly. I reached out to him mentioning that I needed some Raloxifene ASAP. He responded within a minute (literally) and I had payment sent within the hour. I overpaid by $15 just due to the prompt...
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    Colonial Labs 350mg/week 2200ng/dl 6.29x

    Link to Bloodwork Source Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 350 Mg Other Compounds in Cycle None Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) n/a Weeks Run 16 Draw Time from Last Pin 40 hours Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl...