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  1. Andrewthetrainer


    43, 6'2" 235# 15% body fat Started Test-C 8 months ago, added EQ 4 months ago, LOVING THE RESULTS. Gained muscle the entire time, Cut to 10% bodyfat at first and the Bulk has been incredible. This was all under the guidance of my virtual coach and it was my first time with injectables. Coach...
  2. O

    EQ questions

    Looking to try EQ for the first time, currently on 420 test & 3iu of GH. 6'1, 240. I am a BJJ athlete so I am only taking it for the endurance / performance gains. 1- I see a lot conflicting opinions on EQ regarding dosing, some say all you need is 300/ wk for a boost in cardio while others...