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    I have ordered twice from Han, 1 last month and 1 this month. Both times my package was in my hands within 3 days. Everything was packaged securely and discreetly. I’ve had no issues at all and will buy from him again.
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    Blood Work - @hunterpharm

    Link to bloodwork - SOURCE- @HunterPharm TEST ESTER RUNNING - Enantate + Prop WEEKLY TEST DOSE - E 300 + P 350 OTHER COMPOUNDS - Tren A + NPP + Mast WEEKLY DOSES OTHER COMPOUNDS - 350 Tren + 450 NPP + 350 Mast WEEKS RUN -...
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    Hunter Pharm Review - Blood Work

    Hello guys, I’ve been using Hunter Pharm products for a couple months now! Used since my bulking and now 1 week out from my contest some of my results just arrived, and I couldn’t be happier! My Test level was over the roof! >10000 Have been cycling Test E + P, Npp, Tren A + E, Masteron and...
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    T/A hunterpharm

    Another successful order with Han. Ordered some Anavar and some test. Took about 3 days. Always quick shipping.
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    Hunterpharm TA super quick

    Another successful Ofer with Han. Order 6 things of test, some dbol, and superdrol. Got the package within 3 days. Thanks Han.
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    Hunter Pharm Test-C 250mg/wk Test-A 50mg/wk 2740ng/dl 9.1x

    Link to Bloodwork Insert Image Link Here Source Hunter Pharm @HunterPharm Test Ester Running Cypionate/Acetate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 250mg/50mg Other Compounds in Cycle NPP Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 50mg Weeks Run 4 Draw Time from Last Pin 48 Hours Blood Results...
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    Another successful order with Han. Ordered Friday evening and already got my package today. First time trying out Superdrol. Will update after a few weeks on.
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    Hunterpharm review

    I've been lurking on this site for quite a while after dealing with napsgear which is usually a frustrating experience I decided to go with HunterPharm after reading the reviews. The website and payment was incredibly easy. Turn around time was about 6 days from order and probably 4 if we are...
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    Hunter Test-C (Blind)

    Started with 3 semi-quantitative roidtests for 1 vial that all showed 200+mg/ml of test! Then followed up with HPLC testing. Blind testing of Hunter’s Test-C 250mg/ml with lot#48034031 and exp date of 7/26.
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    My experience with hunterpharm

    New to this stuff so struggled with the payment methods but reached out to them via email and got a quick response and very professional. I had no idea how to do this stuff but they understood and gave me Information on how it works. Once I got it all figured out my Oder was made and shipped...
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    Just ordered from Hunter Pharm’s website for the second time. Confirmation email for order/payment received within minutes, package arrived in 3 days. Good prices, good quality, and the prompt responses/delivery make him my go to source. Keep it up, thanks for your service.
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    Hunter Pharm Test E - 400mg/wk - 1975ng/dL 4.93x

    Link to Bloodwork Insert Image Link Here Source @HunterPharm Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 400 Mg Other Compounds in Cycle Anavar Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 280 Mg (40mg daily) Weeks Run 7 Draw Time from Last Pin 48hrs Blood Results...