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  1. B

    Hunter Pharm source review

    8 Week Cutting Cycle: In preparation for a vacation, I completed an 8-week cutting cycle using primarily supplements I got from Hunter Pharmacy. I have used Hunter Pharmacy many times in the past but felt compelled to share my experience and review during this cycle as they were especially...
  2. P

    My experience with hunterpharm

    New to this stuff so struggled with the payment methods but reached out to them via email and got a quick response and very professional. I had no idea how to do this stuff but they understood and gave me Information on how it works. Once I got it all figured out my Oder was made and shipped...
  3. petefox

    Hunter Pharmaceuticals

    Ordered 11/21, got it today (I mean it was Thanksgiving yesterday). :sneaky: Nicely packed, quick enough since there was a holiday and even though I used the sale code there was a pleasant surprise to see a higher-dosed product than what I've ordered. I've sent friends IRL to them and they...
  4. G

    Just ordered from Hunter Pharm’s website for the second time. Confirmation email for order/payment received within minutes, package arrived in 3 days. Good prices, good quality, and the prompt responses/delivery make him my go to source. Keep it up, thanks for your service.
  5. M

    1st Order With Hunter!

    1 day t/d! Friggin amazing, gear looks amazing, cant wait to try it out! Heard gold tops are strong should be fun! Thanks Hunter! MBTJR1980
  6. J

    Blood work: Hunter Pharma Cyp250 .5ml 2x per week

    This was my blood work 14 weeks post cycle. Only running Hunter Pharma Test Cyp 250mg. Pinning .5ml 2x per week. No AI. So Hunter Pharma Test is def kicking ass. I just brought down my inj to 200mg per week to lower my numbers and I'm taking an AI to lower my estradiol. I saw a post earlier...