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  1. F

    MuscleCandy - 200mg/wk Test-c - 1885ng/dl 9.4x

    Link to Bloodwork Insert Image Link Here Source @MuscleCandy Test Ester Running Cypionate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 200Mg Other Compounds in Cycle Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 1 Mg adex Weeks Run 4 Draw Time from Last Pin 48hrs Blood Results Testosterone Reading in...
  2. T

    Musclecandy class act !

    Ordered test 10ml and mast, mast being 20ml bottle , was sent both in 10ml and Musclecandy quickly had sent me a 20ml bottle to make up for it even though he could’ve just sent a 10ml bottle to make it even, gear pins very very smooth no problems with pip, great gains ! Highly satisfied!
  3. F

    MuscleCandy TA

    First order, very pleased. Everything was perfect and intact. Ordered at 11pm at night and got to my door 4 days later. I'm counting that as 3, and it was over the weekend. Unreal service! A++
  4. J review

    I was searching this site for a new source. I am a member of another forum website and it just wasn’t cutting it for me any more. I found this source saw they were new but decided to pull the trigger. My first order was 20ml test cyp 250mg. Tren Ace 20ml 100mg my order shipped the next day and...
  5. J

    Super fast t/a with Muscle Candy

    Placed my first order with MC Sunday and pack landed today. Very fast communication and their website was really easy to use, considering that I’ve always used email for ordering. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
  6. R

    Muscle Candy T/A

    Ordered via email on the 9th (Saturday) got tracking on the 10th. Thru no fault of their own, my package arrived in my home city (very early morning on the 15th) then for some weird reason usps rerouted it back to their home state. Ordered another for their 50% off test sale via online on the...
  7. bicycleseatsniffer

    Muscle Candy T/A. Multiple Orders over August

    I've had the pleasure ordering and successfully receiving multiple orders from @MuscleCandy over the past month 1/2 since their intro on these forums. I've gone through the site and through email and even caught a coupon once in there. Each of my orders were only 2-4 items at a time (I like to...
  8. C


    Ordered Thursday came in on Monday second round using them overall great experience fast shipping quality product had blood work done will post when I receive it @MuscleCandy
  9. C


    Ordered fri came in by Monday.Pinned test e 250 NPP 100 and used Cialis no pip and the Cialis was legit. Easy ordering and delivery, very responsive and they labels are awesome 10/10
  10. C

    Muscle candy

    Sent my order fri came in the mail monday used test 250 and NPP 100 and no pip if its as legit as the cialis i had with them then they will be my new go to. Labels are awesome as well A++++