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pharmahgh labs

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    HGH: Serostim & Omnitrope Sources

    Who is the best source for Serostim and Omnitrope? I do not mind paying a premium for pharma-grade.
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    So tried ordering from a new source I have used gear from them thru a friend , test c 250 and nova, had great results. I set up an account and payed with bitcoin because my gym buddy isn't on cycle right now. Long story short my bitcoin was accepted and then my order showed...
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    Lost order!!!!

    Need help please I ordered from Pharma HGH and sent the payment. They took the payment. But I never received the order. I have ordered from them in the past. Received it but this time. It’s showing up as canceled and it’s been 3 weeks nothing has arrived. There is no contact on the site. can...
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    PharmaHgh : 6,665 ng/dl - 1000mg Test E - 200mg Tren A - 25mg Anavar 6.6x Multiplier

    December Blood Work Blood work PDF - Google Drive Source PharmaHgh Test Ester Running Enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 1000Mg Other Compounds in Cycle Tren A 200mg/wk Anavar 25mg/day Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) Tren A 200mg/wk Anavar 25mg/day Weeks Run 7 weeks Draw Time...
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    PharmaHGH Labs

    Wanted to leave feedback in the proper location. I ordered on a Sunday. I paid, then I realized I forgot to add an additional product. I emailed the owner and got a reply quickly. I was given instructions for payment to add an item and the adjustments were made within 90 minutes. The label was...