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  1. evojay564$


    Hey, do any of you guys know what's good with Pareto? Are they back up and running yet or are they still down? I've been using pharma test for TRT but am looking to run a new mini cycle. An answer back without trying to be a forum keyboard warrior would be lit. Thanks
  2. M

    Topical Test Cream Source Needed for Medical condition

    I have been diagnosed with an eyelid condition that some Italian doctors believe can be fixed by application of topical testosterone cream. I’m in pretty desperate need of a source because my test is too high for a prescription. Anyone know of anything that can help? I’m USA based
  3. S


    Trying to find the most reliable source. Anyone stick out more than the other? I'm looking at Hunter, Viper and musclecandy? I'm huge on Tren, thinking of trying IGF
  4. T

    Just looking for a legit source that ships to the USA

    Can anybody verify a reputable source that ships to USA?
  5. C

    Synergy vs HunterPharm - who do you prefer?

    Those of you who have ordered products through Synergy and/or HunterPharm: Which vendor do you prefer? Does one offer superior product over the other? I’m trying to decide which vendor I’d like to order through as both of these guys seem pretty well-reviewed and have been around for a while.
  6. A

    Source suggestion?

    Moving to Australia. Anybody have recommendations on sources from SST that they’ve used for Aus? Checked the international sources and seems like most of them haven’t been reliable to people on SST
  7. F


    Hey i stumbled on dragonpharmastore is it legit or no?
  8. D

    Source supply Question

    Do any supplier have Methyltestosterone for sale that ship to USA?