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  1. T

    What’s the word on napsgear and do they have a good rep? Legit? I feel like those sites are sketch asf

    Basically the title.. napsgear and domestic supply seem sketch asf.. they have their name blasted all over every steroid forum.. how are they not busted? Are they legit?
  2. J

    Good source in Hungary/Eastern EU

    Hi, I am totally new in steroids, have been working out for a while and I want to start my first cycle. My stats: 178cm tall, and 95-100kg. I would be happy to find some "experts" to chat about bodybuilding, steroids as well as a trusted source in my country or within the EU.
  3. R

    erythropoietin (Epo) for sale?

    Plz message me if u have or know where i can buy EPO.