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  1. C

    Synergy vs HunterPharm - who do you prefer?

    Those of you who have ordered products through Synergy and/or HunterPharm: Which vendor do you prefer? Does one offer superior product over the other? I’m trying to decide which vendor I’d like to order through as both of these guys seem pretty well-reviewed and have been around for a while.
  2. MuscleCandy

    MuscleCandy - TEST THREAD

    TEST RESULTS: (25) Within 10%: Test E (250mg - 263.79mg) Test E (500mg - 494.51mg) Test Cyp (200mg - 189.94mg) *Test Prop (100mg - 101.81mg) Test No Ester (100mg - 89.99mg) Tren Ace (100mg - 108.08mg) Tren Ace (200mg - 189.44mg) *Tren E (200mg - 200.3mg) *Mast E (200mg - 202.83mg) NPP (100mg -...