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    ViperFlex Deca/Test

    Blown away at the fact that they MCT Oil, great packaging first things first. Quick shipping I live in the states. Test definitely had no reaction no pip, absolutely flawless pins the past few that I’ve done. Same with DECA genuinely feel like this source is solid/reliable. Will definitely be...
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    Viper mother f-en Flex @viper-flex

    Fulfilled a loss from Colonial (rip) and the speed of this guy. Listen, I would touch your butt and take you out to dinner. Fast shipping, Super discreet Great customer service 10/10, would let bang my sister From discussion to slamming in my butt cheeks, less than 5 days
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    Viperflex labs

    Second order 8/26 Shipment info 8/28 Received 8/29! Second time ordering was even faster than the first. I’ll never use anyone else.
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    Viperflex labs

    Ordered the night of 4/24 Shipping info received 4/26 Delivered of 4/29 I’m not sure if this is normal for most brands but it absolutely flew to my house! I hate waiting & am very impressed.
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    VIPERFLEX Test C/Anastarozal

    First off (well 2nd after feeling embarrassed) I was incredibly impressed with how patient they were. Honestly when I first heard about the site I got too excited & immediately tried to order. Problem was I had been at the casino for like 48 hrs & was out of my mind. Probably wrote 10 emails &...
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    Viper Flex (Multiple Compound Review)

    Hey there as promised in my T/A review here is my review on the compounds themselves. Tren a - has been working absolutely amazing. Exactly what I expect and have come to get out of tren a. Tren cough regularly (scar tissue), night sweats like a monster, insane pumps, lack of energy...