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  1. J

    Viper Flex HGH

    I’ve never taken HGH before and finally decided to give it a try. I ordered some black tops from Viper Flex and so far it has been 3 weeks. I started to feel some inflammation on the palms of my hand to the point is a little hard to make a fist. I started with 4 IUs 2 in the am and 2 late...
  2. Lyft4Gainz

    Viper Flex Labs Test C 375mg/ week 2875ng/dl 7x

    Source @viper-flex Test Ester Running Cypionate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 375mg Other Compounds in Cycle Arimidex 1mg/wk Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) N/A Weeks Run 11 Weeks Draw Time from Last Pin 51 Hours Blood Results Attached / Below Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 2875...
  3. I

    Viper Flex T/A

    Viper is super responsive and professional. Processing and ordering was prompt -- it just so happens the USPS sucks in my neighborhood and they delivered to the wrong address. Viper sent out a new order [without charging me again], no questions asked.
  4. M

    ViperFlexx exceptionally quick T/A during BOGO.

    Ordered 10 OCT, payment confirmation 11OCT, Shipped 13 OCT and recieved today 15 OCT. Very prompt with returning messages and pack looked great all tabs are still solid no powder or broken ones in 10 packs of different orals. All vials crystal clean as usual. Super happy as usual with the whole...
  5. P

    Viper Nolva/Aromasin

    Perfect and good. Helped with my gyno issues and controlling my E2, and most importantly I got some viagra with it. Boys I can definitely tell you that shit was nice. This is my second order with viper and I’ll be sticking with this lab. Quick replies, and most importantly good fucking gear. Thanks
  6. P

    ViperFlex Deca/Test

    Blown away at the fact that they MCT Oil, great packaging first things first. Quick shipping I live in the states. Test definitely had no reaction no pip, absolutely flawless pins the past few that I’ve done. Same with DECA genuinely feel like this source is solid/reliable. Will definitely be...
  7. D

    Viper mother f-en Flex @viper-flex

    Fulfilled a loss from Colonial (rip) and the speed of this guy. Listen, I would touch your butt and take you out to dinner. Fast shipping, Super discreet Great customer service 10/10, would let bang my sister From discussion to slamming in my butt cheeks, less than 5 days
  8. P

    Viperflex labs

    Second order 8/26 Shipment info 8/28 Received 8/29! Second time ordering was even faster than the first. I’ll never use anyone else.
  9. P

    Viperflex labs

    Ordered the night of 4/24 Shipping info received 4/26 Delivered of 4/29 I’m not sure if this is normal for most brands but it absolutely flew to my house! I hate waiting & am very impressed.
  10. P

    VIPERFLEX Test C/Anastarozal

    First off (well 2nd after feeling embarrassed) I was incredibly impressed with how patient they were. Honestly when I first heard about the site I got too excited & immediately tried to order. Problem was I had been at the casino for like 48 hrs & was out of my mind. Probably wrote 10 emails &...
  11. M

    Viper flex labs. Test-c, anavar, t-bol.

    Got in on one of vipers early flash sales a few weeks ago and scooped up some test, var and tbol. Switched from another sources test to continue my cruise and no noticeable changes from the switch, pins smooth as expected. Anavar is extremely noticeable even at 25mg a day, major increase in...
  12. Jswole99


    Easy conversation with viper quick and painless bogo hard to pass up especially since I'm going thru a rough patch in life helped get what I needed to stock up on without raping my pocket hahaha , but hey we all help eachother out I hope to see viper verified with plenty more good reviews. Long...
  13. M

    Viper-Flex quick t/a

    Ordered and sent payment the 13th pack landed 16th, super fast turnaround considering I'm in Hawaii. Products look professionally done, tabs were well pressed and in tact. Very happy with the order process, I'll be leaving an anecdotal review since this is a new source to me and newer to the forum.
  14. G

    Viper Flex

    Hey all, I ordered Test E and Test P along with Nolva/HCG during their BOGO introductory sale and everything went great. Arrived within 4 days after ordering I believe. Slight PIP in glutes but I believe that's just from me moving the needle around slightly while injecting (this is my first...