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Creating a meal plan


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Mar 27, 2024
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Morning, What's going on, I decided I'm going to create my own meal plan. I posted a picture that I took from YouTube and it made sense to me a little bit. I just wanted to make sure if people gives solid feedback on it to see if its worth a try or it's a bust. But I know I have to lower my calorie intake. I know that for a fact. Taking any gear is not a fat burner for the information that I have found and I am at that point where I have to do something. I want to live longer. I wanna be happy I wanna be able to run with my kids. (Lil fkers are fast) haha.
What I wanted to figure out is how would I approach my doctor and ask for a blood test that covers everything. I wanna see what my thyroid says. I wanna see what my test says. I wanna see what astrogen says I just wanna get familiar with my body. Going back to this meal plan. It's going to be very difficult. I have picky picky people in my family household. Drives me up the wall sometimes but it is what it is.
So this is gonna be the way that I'm doing it to make the meal plan picking 3 like favorites out of each group. If anybody else has advice or something better in mind, please let me know any help would be appreciated.
Also I would like to have a full blood screen. I'm still doing research in this area so I don't know all the terms for it. What I would like to talk to my doctor or can I just go somewhere and get a full blood panel completed? Where tells me everything. I'm not familiar with what those paper say so. I'm hoping that if it happens. And when I get the results of i could post then up and you guys can help to me understanding it a little bit I'm still new to the forums.
So if I said some stuff in the Incorrect spot I do apologize.

Also, is it a good idea to list all medications that I take?


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