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  1. L

    BioPharmaUSA Test C 200 mg/week 1977 ng/dL 9.89x

    Link to Bloodwork Source @BioPharmaUSA Test Ester Running Test Cypionate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 200 mg Other Compounds in Cycle HCG Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 1000 IU / Week Weeks Run 8 Draw Time from Last Pin 50 Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl...
  2. C

    Dash PCT & BioPharma USA

    I'm gonna double dip here and do a couple at once, hope that's allowed. DashPCT: I can only speak on Domestic, but I got my pack in 5-6 days after I ordered it. I've seen another reviewer state his international pack came in 11 days, which is frankly amazing and encourages me to give their...
  3. BigarmsAL

    Test E 250 mg per week crusie lab work

    Highly recommend these folks